There’s No Better Time Than…

NOW…I am convinced that if we were to live our lives as tomorrow isn’t promised-today would be a lot better for those who have lost hope. If we would appreciate what we have and stop being concerned about what we don’t have-life would be less hectic. I feel like we grasp, so concretely, the fact of what we don’t have-that we dismiss the faith that could catapult us into getting not only what we need, but what we want! There is no better time to be: appreciative, understanding, forgiving, loving, and having discernment….than today. There is no method to my madness, quite honestly, I don’t think I even trust my own thoughts…

BUT, today I decided to create this space in faith that it won’t be in vain…I’m excited to see what will BECOME of this and I pray that each of you will experience a paradigm shift as we journey together…There’s No Better Time Than NOW to begin again, do over, enjoy the challenge, speak when you would have remained silent and to do something when you would have done nothing at all…Tomorrow isn’t promised-let’s do what needs to be done…well, NOW!



One thought on “There’s No Better Time Than…

  1. I am SOOOO proud of you!! Keeping unraveling your gifts from within that God has blessed you with! You are phenomenal and this post is sooo true! We must think, walk…live in faith and obedience! Thanx for this! [Also, love your layout]

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