Push THROUGH the Complications

I tend to be timid about that which I’ve been given; mostly spiritual but in general as well. I think that sometimes it’s an internal questioning of why I was given what I have. God is always ON TIME. I’m a witness that God will send what and who you and I need JUST when you and I need it/him or her. I have to PAUSE right here and give thanks to one who God has sent during this time in my life —->Antoinette DymonExpressions Thomas<—-…Thank you for your life and ministry. You have been tried and have proven to be predestined by God. Continue to let the gleam from your growth….inspire all you may encounter…Alright, PLAY~ Other times I think I just want to have my way, that is, to know why things are. Have you ever given less than your all because you wanted to be sure of why you were giving in the first place? I have…For example, in every relationship I’ve been in…I try to evaluate whether I’ve grown at all from it or not. I assume that’s because I need to have benefits in my relationship(s)…I need progress…NO, I’m not looking for or have looked for friends with ‘benefits’ as it is coined these days…but I have to be impacted in a positive and nourishing way…I can’t give anyone a position to foster my growth [and if they don’t ] and allow them to kill me for position’s sake. If I can’t look back and remember what we’ve been through…that means we haven’t been through anything and I can’t be satisfied with stagnant living…I desire new and better days and I don’t have time or the energy to deal with folks who aren’t willing and equipped to help me push through the complications in my life…True, we all do need someone with us..but perhaps, we’ve been keeping those around us who aren’t helping us push but are assisting us in staying where we’ve been…

Consider, if you try to please people. Maybe, you’ve found yourself empty trying to give what others will not receive *because it was NOT time yet…whatever it is…Know that you already have everything you need to get pass whatever complications you found yourself in-in the past or even in those places where you may feel STUCK, right now. If no one has ever told you-you are not alone…you don’t have to go through the pain by yourself. God sees you and is waiting for you to accept that He can and will help you…If you’ve put your trust in others to help you push – but they’ve failed…try my ‘pushing’ coach (shout-out to Chane’…thank you for being there with me and helping me push…when we get through this…new life awaits us AFTER the complications but we must go THROUGH. Keep assisting others…your assistance is on the way…) Jesus. What do you have to lose? Besides, what will BECOME of your pushing? You don’t know what you have until you need to use it…I’ll tell you the truth – I used Jesus Christ as a Savior for 21 years (and counting) and I’ve lost nothing…I’m gaining but it’s because I put my trust in Him who has helped me push through my own complications and blesses me to attempt to be there for others…

I came to the conclusion,  that prior to trusting God and others that He had and has brought into my life that I hadn’t grown at all or given life to anything new because I didn’t use what I had to PUSH…Sometimes we are equipped to do things and we let them stay undone, not challenged, and often stagnant. Things won’t leave us if we don’t ‘rise to the occasion’ and do what we know we can…So, why aren’t we getting things done?

So, I’ll be personal…I haven’t used what I’ve been given because for some time now I have fought against possessing IT. I used to say I don’t want power but by the mere fact that I can say that means that I have it…and so as I ask myself…I pose the question to you all: In acknowledgement of what you possess, what now shall I/you do with that which [God] has given?

Be blessed and get ready to PUSH!!! Whatever you stand in need of, it’s on the way-you just need to PUSH…I know it hurts right now but, PUSH…It’s alright, I know you didn’t even realize you were carrying newness in you but if…NO, not if but WHEN you PUSHYou will make it beyond the complications…


2 thoughts on “Push THROUGH the Complications

  1. Once we get through the complications…once we get through the labor pains…newness of life awaits us!!! Keep pushing because there is future for you to fulfill beyond where you are!!! Be encouraged! Keep PUSHING!!!

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