~Understand that where you ARE…is not where you WILL BE~

Sometimes, things fall apart…Sometimes, people leave you alone. Sometimes, we hold on to glimpses of joy. Most times; however, we are plagued with the hopeless belief that things will never get better or at least if they will get better-that they will always have to get worse first. I just wanted to let you all know that where you are is not the end of where you will be. When people become established in their careers, they don’t usually consider the possibility of liking something else better enough to leave where they’ve planted themselves but isn’t that stagnant living? Let’s learn to be flexible in our everyday living. If we continue to be stubborn and live how we’ve always lived-that is ALL we will do…continue living in the same fear, poverty, pseudo relationships, frustration and even in the same triumph, joy, progress, happiness, and understanding. Could this be the plight that we engage in for the rest of our days and be satisfied??? Well, I just wanted you all to be flexible in hopes that you will operate in courage to leave where you are to go to where you have yet to go! Is anyone else willing to leave the safety of being stagnant to leap to limitless living?

Sometimes, God will allow things to happen. Sometimes, God will send people in our lives (unexpectedly). Sometimes, God will push us into better days. There are still other times, when God will leave it in our hands (I don’t know why that is, lol) – He wants us to walk by faith and not by sight. Let’s begin to ask God to refocus our sight and endow us with His vision, that is if we wouldn’t rather keep being led by what we see. I want to live life without, either consciously or unconsciously, keeping myself hostage to what I’ve always done, been, etc. I wonder if as we live, do we program ourselves to operate in a certain way or with certain people? Today, I ask God to take over the programming of the operation that I’ve mishandled and  mismanaged…called life and order my function(s) and my steps. Our order of operations…is not order at all and so I pray that we will start over today. I hope that you have not found yourselves in lack because you wouldn’t leave where you’ve been. However, if you have…I offer the hope of a new day and the blessing of a new beginning to you. What will you choose today? I know where I am and I dare leave it (decision-by-decision, change-by-change and day-by day…even if slowly-I’m leaving comfortable and the places I tend to trod…to go occupy new territory). I invite you along, to be BOLD with me—and go and PUSH…beyond where you are…because simply put…this is not the end of where you WILL BE.

Be blessed, a blessing & encouraged.



One thought on “~Understand that where you ARE…is not where you WILL BE~

  1. The fact that where I am, I won’t alway be, is one of the things that keeps me going. I am so thankful that God has moved me from my past. Years ago the vision of where I was, was so dead. I trusted God to move me and I just kept going. Praise God, I’m beginning to see a glimpse of all He has in store for me. Every morning when I dance my prayers, God takes me on a journey to where I can be. I continue to praise Him throughout the day. My dance with Him is an intimiate conversation of whats in my heart. I dance because He is taking me to new heights everyday!

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