Chips in PA

So, this past week I traveled to upstate NY with my friend and Godmother…on our way there we stopped at a gas station and renewed the gas in the car. We also happened to stop in the convenience store to grab a few travel snacks…While we surveyed the aisles, we came across the following:

Now, the “rib” flavored chips I can almost understand because these companies are always trying to come up with new and interesting flavors! I don’t know how much I would want rib flavored chips-I think I would rather, actually, have ribs…I thought the “finger licking” part was a little funny, though.

Those Herr’s “Dark” chips on the other hand, left me confused. I was really considering buying them, but I didn’t. I stood there for a minute thinking “what does that mean, ‘dark chips’?” What kind of flavor is that, anyway? I don’t know what to think or if it’s worth the time thinking about the name given to these chips. I think I’ll be on the lookout for them to purchase them and check out their taste. Has anyone tasted either of these? What are your thoughts? I just thought this was so interesting…I could be wrong…

As I left the store, I thought “Well, snacks should be thought provoking too!”



One thought on “Chips in PA

  1. Thank You Denita, What thought provoking words. Out of all the statements my focus is at this time is do or am I giving to myself? And how am I doing? Am I being consistant?
    This will take some time and I’m going to give it all the time it needs! Grace and Peace Be unto you from God our Father and from the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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