The Receiving of the Offering

I’ve considered making “The Receiving of the Offering” the title of my first book…When I first thought of it I thought about the offering held at churches…My thought was when we give, how is it received? Obviously, by hand or offering plate-but what about the heart of those who receive it…do they give as often? Do they give as devoted as we? When I use the term “we” I’m referring to those who give.

Consider, what you give, whatever it is…and have you thought about how you offer what you give and then about how it is received from your heart, hand, love, understanding, time, tithe, hurt, confusion, etc….whatever it is:

  • a smile
  • frustration
  • a hug
  • fear
  • encouragement
  • false teaching
  • forgiveness
  • spare change
  • tithe/offering
  • misleading direction(s)
  • a massage
  • strife
  • love
  • sympathy
  • prayer
  • less than your whole self
  • advice through/after you’ve conquered a struggle
  • heartache/headache
  • wisdom

When you think on these things, as I’ve considered them in my life….can you give without someone/something/some entity/some place/some substance to receive your offering? Struggling, happiness, growth, life, etc. doesn’t continue without nourishment. If we don’t allow ourselves, emotions, feelings, friends, foes, constituents, Facebook friends, enemies, etc. to dictate how we give, perhaps what we offer (if it’s our best or our worst) will be received differently…I just thought it was helpful to think on what happens when offering and receiving takes place.

We can consider motives and perceived opportunities for initiative. We could consider the receiver’s point-of-view. We could consider our own motives. We can look at how much of ourselves we give and evaluate if what we give ourselves to, matters…we can consider a great deal..but I dare to pose that some consideration leads to change and other times it leads to a continuum of…giving without receiving…giving until there is nothing left to give or until there is nothing left in the giving that we offer…to all of you who give (that is an inclusive thought)…remember to give to yourself!

Remember that just as quickly as you empty yourself out, you can fill yourself up. Don’t neglect the giver’s happiness as you tend to the receiver’s heart and/or mere request…Know that the receiving of the offering  (concerning the giver) shouldn’t deplete but complete the joy of giving.

  • what are you giving?
  • do you receive (what you desire) as much as you give to the desires of others?
  • are you fulfilled in your giving?
  • how “well’ do you receive (from others and yourself)?
  • have you given/received wrongly?
  • Do you give to yourself?

Stay encouraged and know that your giving is not in vain…especially when you give to the one that gives you the most-yourself. Take care (of others and yourself) all.

Be blessed, a blessing & encouraged!


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