*Give what you have…After all, that’s all you can give*

Just a thought!

Personally, I’ve wasted three years of my life in the satisfaction of not knowing, seeking or doing…Stagnant is an understatement. I’ve put no effort in anything and it’s sad but true. I like that I am personal, because whether or not you relate to it…matters, but I have this space to be real with myself! It makes sense that if you waste something, you’ve lost it. I’ve lost three years of acheivement, impact, change, growth, etc. simply because I wasn’t giving. I love to give to others, like I HAVE TO! Subconciously, voiding myself of years of giving has allowed me to hone into the reason of why I give at all…

What sense does it make to have something and keep it for yourself if it will, can, maybe, might benefit, encourage, push others? I think none!!!

I’m so excited for this new school year! I’ve never said that. I’ve realized that life is a journey and where you go is dictated by where you move from and to…I’m finally ready to move from where I’ve been…I’ve grown tired of doing nothing, serving no one, not growing, and acheiving nothing. My goal for this new school year is simple and I needed this three year hiatus from growth to embrace it: give what I have! I can’t give anymore than that and I’m alright with that. Even if I think what I have to give/offer isn’t much-it’s all I’ve got and I’m willing to give my all! I need to! How about you? Perhaps, you’ve been advancing in your studies and have been promoted at your job. Maybe, you have a new family to engage with or are finally getting to relax and travel…whatever it is that you’ve been doing, have you been giving all that you could have?

I’m convinced that when you give your all-you’ve left nothing undone.” ~TrinityIzReal


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