Mention it to God

 What have you said to God, lately?

I was away this Labor Day weekend with my friend who invited me to a conference. While there, I began to feel/understand the realization of what could be in my life. God’s presence is so powerful. I often seek God for others and I’ve come to a point where I have to come to God on my own behalf. I was thinking about it earlier, and realized that I need to tell God. I need to mention the moments when I’m unsure and angry and hurt and confused. I have to be real with God about where I am and ask Him to help me to get where He sees that I will be. I always want(ed) to just blink my problems and issues away but I realize that I can’t even be there for others if I’m struggling…well, there is some truth to that…Anyways, I just wanted to remind us all that it is helpful to just mention our own stuff to God, especially when we don’t really want to deal with it. I’m growing to understand that, at least for me, the things I fear to deal with, is healthy. It’s true, because I can’t deal with it-(it’s too much) – I NEED HELP and God happens to be the help that I know of.

Stay encouraged whoever you are and where-ever you are physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, socially because help has come. We just need to ask for it – mention it all to God and trust that He can do with it what we’ve been trying to do. I’ll be honest and admit that I fail all the time (in several areas of my life) sometimes, I’m not equipped and other times it wasn’t meant for me to handle alone.

Don’t be discouraged…I’ve been walking around in frustration and confusion for far too long. I know that when you dare to mention it all to God, He will listen and answer.

Let’s learn how to take our turn(s). After we speak, [Prayer is a conversation] let’s give God His turn to speak. I think that it is right for us to listen to God after He has listened to us for so long. It’s about that time!

What have you heard from God, lately?


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