A Guardian’s Grace


Dictionary.com defines guardian as – a person who guards, protects or preserves.

Dictionary.com defines grace as – mercy; clemency; pardon.

     As I thought about these definitions and even my understanding and experience with my own guardian…I began to understand how grateful I am to know God as a guardian, the best one I’ve heard of. While many guardians care for those in their custody, God’s guardianship is unconditional. The grace that I have seen work in my own life allows me to accept what God has given and provided for me. I know that sometimes, I’m told to do things that I don’t want to do and I am often frustrated because of the ardent and faithful encouragement to do those things which I’ve tried to leave undone. Frustrated but indeed grateful! The grace of God has never given me a reason to doubt His instruction.

When you are under the care of a guardian, you must abide by his/her rules, because in opposition of such set standards, you jeopardize receiving his/her grace. Grace is offered without merit, true; however, with that being said…why do something to forfeit the possibility? All is asked of those who are in someone’s care is to listen and trust. I’m learning to trust in my guardian rather than rely totally on the possibility of grace – since I know that HIS love is eternal and everlasting…

Who is your guardian? Mine is God…

~I’m a child of the KING


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