~Let Me Park Right Here & Pay This Meter~

Don’t be willing to park and not pay the meter. Sometimes, when we stop places, we pay the price on the meter according to our anticipated stay. Sometimes, we stay in some places longer than we suspect and we are ticketed for not paying enough. Have you ever been somewhere and stayed too long? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you wore out your welcome – I just mean, you stayed longer than the price you paid? Were you not willing to pay because the price was too high? There is a lesson to be learned, here. When you aren’t willing to pay the price of stopping-you ought to keep going until you get to your initial destination-stop another day-don’t stop unless you are willing to pay the price of staying in those places. I know, there was space for you there. I know, you didn’t have to work (parallel park) to stop and stay there…but sometimes, there are prices that we don’t take into account when we stay in places longer than we initially anticipate(d). If you must stop, you have to learn how to pay ATTENTION to the meter. The meter keeps track of how much time you have left before you have to pay more than you were willing to pay initially or the meter keeps record of the timing that you anticipated to stay upon stopping. If you MUST stop, begin to govern yourself according to  the meter.

**Sometimes, meters aren’t accurate, though. Remember (if and when you stop) to check the meter. You may pay the price and be charged at a greater expense because the meter that dictates the timing of your stay wasn’t functioning correctly, in the place where you parked. Consider the places where you park. Sometimes, the positioning isn’t right and you try to fit anyway…there is a price for stopping where you don’t fit. Consider why you stop and also why you tend to stay the duration. Are you that willing to pay your last to stop in that place? Also, when you stop, make sure you issue payment to the correct/corresponding meter to the places where you park. Consider the price and how you will meet the payment if you exceed the anticipated time of your stopping.

I’ve paid some meters and realized the places where I detoured off of my daily journey to my destination of safety and honestly they weren’t worth the price issued by the meter. I’ve learned about staying in some places, parked for too long that caused me to forget where I was headed to before I stopped there. I’ve learned that sometimes I stop because I’m lost but sometimes the area looks familiar. I’ve learned that staying on course affords me to not have to worry about having enough to pay for however long that I want/chose to stay and I’ve learned that some places where  I tend not to stop as much – that there is no price to pay because the price has been paid prior to my stopping. Have you all learned anything about parking and paying meters?


Dear God, we pray that you will help us to pay attention to the meter when we decide to stop along our journey to our house/home/destination. We pray that you will be with us as we consider the price that we will have to pay in order to stop and then that you would help us determine how long we can stay without getting ticketed/in trouble/tormented by those things we encounter. Lord, we pray that you would drive our focus on our destination, because stopping before we arrive, costs. We pray that you will move according to your good pleasure. When we are stubborn, place roadblocks so that even after we get to the places where we want to stop-that there will be no place for us to park and no meter for us to pay. Lord, thank you in those times where we went against your direction and stopped anyway, and you showed us grace and mercy. In those times where we stayed too long but the inspectors/the obstacles/the tickets hadn’t been given before we left. Thank you for your grace that allowed us to stay in some places longer than we were supposed to (according to the price that we paid); thank you for loving us and not making us pay more than what we had. Thank you for covering our spaces and keeping us in some places that could have totally led us, due to time, away from and even in our staying too long have us disregard/forget and forfeit our destination. Direct our decisions and prepare us to save in the times when we would rather pay out all that we have to park and stay in places that deter us from arriving at our destinations. We thank you for your voice that speaks to us and slows our stopping so that we can arrive more quickly to those places that we set out to go, initially. Turn us back to our first love and renew our desire and determination to endure the journey without paying the unnecessary price of stopping along the way. We thank you for being our guide pass stopping (GPS). We don’t want to pay more than we have when we could just go home (where the price was already paid/YOUR HOLY TEMPLE-the place where your glory dwells/safety) and be satisfied. Hallelujah, We bless you for being our direction and our destination.  In you, all desires are met and exceeded and we acknowledge that whatever/whoever/ and for whatever reason we were stopping that it wasn’t worth the price that we had to pay. Thank you for already paying the price so that we don’t have to stay in the places where we choose to stop. Thank you for already paying the price so that we can pray and receive power to tell others that stopping isn’t worth it. Help us to endure until we reach our final destination. AMEN.


2 thoughts on “~Let Me Park Right Here & Pay This Meter~

  1. In Jesus’ name Amen.

    Thank you for this! This is a blessing to me and spoke to me in multiple ways. Sometimes we stop because of fear, confusion or worry, but we shouldn’t stop. God will guide us in all directions, and circumstances. You are truly a gift from God. The way you view things is ‘beyond your age’ and amazing! Keep being that amazing force from God! Thanks so much!!


  2. God bless you [A. Blessing Dymon]!!!

    Thank you for being the force that you are! Your blog is outstanding. Thank you for being YOU. Isn’t God just GOOD!!! I’m grateful for this space and the ways in which God will use it to encourage and bless. Thank you so much for your support and prayers…God will!!!

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