Don’t You Have to Wash Makeup OFF at Some Point?!


“Maybe one day I will care about make-up or you, but today is not that day. I wish you and make-up understood that I don’t need to impress either of you by covering up who I am to be accepted. I am only available~flaws & all. [writing flow]” -Trinityizreal

When a person shows you who they are see who they are and then ask them how often they look in the mirror and question if they are pleased by what they see. We have to learn to be honest with ourselves and each other. It’s not always about people showing us who they are but it’s about we who see and remain silent. If we speak, there is power in that. Sometimes, people are oblivious to their scars and blemishes because of ignorance or they have become consumed with covering those things up. I’m convinced that make-up is not to enhance beauty but is a means of masking the mess that we wish not to display. I think wearing make-up encourages us to forget that our scars show that we have survived and help us avoid healing from some past hurts.

Let’s begin to uncover some things and help others to do the same-that we all might see what’s real when we look at ourselves and if we chose to conceal it then at least we consider what it will take to cover it up – that might sound contradictory but if we realize how much energy it takes to cover up and how much it takes to falsify what’s [present], the past is all we will know because when we take off what we put on, we MUST face it or live a lie.

Just my opinion, but being honest isn’t easy. It promotes healing so that honesty is a little easier to operate in/out of. Are you real or really living or are you living in the view of what you think you can’t be because of who you used to be?

Let’s begin to look at ourselves and look at others through the lenses of what being healed looks like, what being whole looks like and what being honest looks like!

When we take-off the make-up, when we clean/wash off all of the ‘build-up’ from what we’ve placed on ourselves to look better, I wonder if we feel lighter with it off. I wonder if we take it off and see what we’ve covered up – and if we are ever able to love the person we see. I hope that at some point we can, because I don’t know how much longer we will be able to afford makeup. There is a price we pay in order to wear makeup. What happens when we can no longer afford it and it begins to wear off even if we don’t wash it off ourselves?

YOU are beautiful, nonetheless. YOU are beautiful, regardless.

My prayer is that you will see it on your own.


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