Finally, Surrender—He wants it ALL {TODAY}

He wants it ALL! Not just the things that you think He is pleased with. He wants your fear and anger. He wants your love and doubts. He wants your confusion and your certainty. He wants your devotion and your questions. He wants your heart and your focus. He wants your pain and your praise. He wants your trust and even your tribulations. He wants what you have. He wants who you are. He wants who you will become. He wants it ALL! He wants it ALL because He can handle it. Oftentimes, we hold onto things that burden us but God desires for us to give it ALL to Him. He won’t take them, He wants us to trust and obey and give it over. He wants us to offer more than a tithe. He wants it ALL – All of our lives…

It comes down to a decision. Will you sacrifice your burdens to One who can carry them and discard them? Will you hold on and remain overloaded? God really does just want to make your journey WITH Him different than that WITHOUT Him. He wants it all


what are you giving Him?


He wants it ALL!


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