” God does all things well & in Him all things are well” ~TrinityIzReal


BBM Me = Becoming Beyond Me — into the [Me] that you have for me to be ~ TrinityIzReal

Sometimes, we get caught up in waiting for the emergence of a new year to change or at least to do some things differently. I have decided not to wait for 2011 to come in but to make a New Life Resolution, NOW. New life is available to all of us and we can declare what things we need to change, today,  in order to start anew. We don’t have to wait for a new year to start doing things in a new way!

I’m learning that this time in my journey is simply the place where my pain & purpose collide. It took me long enough, but I’m beginning to understand that I have to (in a sense) forfeit my feelings in order for me to get to my future. There is new life beyond my struggle and I am encouraged to finish living – I can’t die/stop here. Indeed, my past is my past (wrong, right or indifferent), I can’t change what has been done but I can change what will be done.

I have a good friend who said, ‘you have to understand the enemy’ and I think after some time I haven’t figured the enemy out, entirely, but I’m learning. Another friend of mine has said, ‘it’s alright to ask and have someone help you’ and I can say I totally agree. My prayer now is that I would always have my heart, mind & spirit GUARDED. The attack that I’ve faced came on different fronts and because I wasn’t conquered, I can have NEW life. I’m grateful, today!

What if change never comes? We will forever be where we are. I can’t stay where I’ve been for so long–I have to change. My new life resolution is to ask for help, accept it, and become better because of it.

 New life resolution, anyone???


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