Your Beliefs…My Beliefs…We BELIEVE (why)?

Hey guys…

So I was inspired to do this note after watching a video on youtube
asking the question: Why don’t people believe in Jesus Christ…(thanks
Metelus)! says: (I’ve only used the first
definition provided)

God-the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.

Jesus-Also called Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth. born
4? b.c., crucified a.d. 29?, the source of the Christian religion.

So here’s what I’ve heard about why people don’t believe:

1. There’s too many religions/beliefs to choose from; so all of them
must be untrue or at least man made. [This is why spirituality is
personal – relationship is personal! ~ what an individual believes]

2. God allows bad things to happen to good people. [Bad things also
happen to bad people]

3. Religion is for old(er) people. [I believe that the concept of
religion is confused with and misinterpreted as relationship]

4. Belief in the act of numerous sins that can’t/won’t be forgiven. [No
grasp or understanding of forgiveness, salvation and/or GRACE]

5. God is too demanding, there are too many rules. [decency &
order…how else will we be set apart (outwardly)?]

6. It would stop them from having the fun they want to have. [I think
being saved offers a different sense/idea of fun.]

7. God is boring & NOT for them. [Have ‘you’ ever really
experienced/tried relationship?]

8. Knowing Christians who live just as ‘they’ act…so ‘they’ aren’t
drawn to Christ. [What does your living say about what you value and

9. Someone said ‘they’ don’t believe in Christ just as Christians don’t
believe in others-Gautama Buddha, “Mahatma” Gandhi, Zoroaster, L. Ron
Hubbard, etc. [it should be personal…every knee shall…]

**Note: the […] are my comments, ideas and questions…

Consider that…

1. Are all the preachers/evangelists/followers of Christ professing
life changing love and newness of life through grace for no purpose/for

2. Jesus’s name established/establishes time!

B.C.-“before Christ” (placed after a date/century)

A.D.-“Anno Domini means “in the year of the Lord”.

[I just believe He was/is more than a prophet…if that name establishes time..]

So, my question is simple

Why do you believe, what you believe?

Thank you so much for your input. Feel free to ask questions, make comments and pose problems. Be blessed!


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