What’s the produce of your PASSION?

Earlier, I was thinking about  whether or not I am bearing fruit as a Christian. You know, like what am I doing? What is the result of my faith or my work or my giving. Primarily, my relationships. What becomes of my breathing — am I pursuing anything that profits the Body–the lost–the seeking?


^- Psalm 69 : 9 conveys the psalmist’s zeal for the house of the Lord. Such that the psalmist describes his zeal as consuming him, so much so that enduring the Lord’s insults becomes his will.

What are you willing to endure because of your passion/zeal?

www.dictionary.com describes passion/zeal in the following way (respectively):

  • any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
  • fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor; enthusiastic diligence; ardor.
What have you been doing with your passion? What have I been doing with that which should drive me to do something? I’m not sure if I’ve produced anything but I’m reminded by the psalmist that my passion ought to consume me enough to produce, enough to forge a result, enough to have evidence of its existence.
^- Romans 12 speaks to how we live…well ought to live, in love. I am particularly interested in verses 11-18, with emphasis on each of those verses (11, 18). Verse 11 says that our zeal shouldn’t have lack and verse 18 shares “…so far as it depends on you…” concerning living peaceably among others. I find it interesting that, “…so far as it [my produce] depends on [my pursuit of my passion]…” I’m grateful for this reminder. I question whether my passion is lacking or is it that my pursuit of it is weak?!
^- John 2: 12-17 reminds us of the strength of pursued passion. Jesus lives out this example because He was consumed by His zeal for the house of the Lord! I’m grateful for this example and thus I am reminded that my passion ought to produce something. I’m going to start working on clarifying how I should pursue my passion so that people will see that there is power in passion.
I hope that you all are encouraged to pursue your passion(s)! Know that you have an example and can be an example of what that looks like and what can be because of it.
What’s the produce of your PASSION?!

2 thoughts on “What’s the produce of your PASSION?

  1. dear denita,
    U spark a great question. What have i done lately to better others and is in in the proper place relevant to my priorites, is it my passion. Helping others was the entire reason the Christ came. He could have et us fend for ourselves but his Passion for our salvation outweighed the just punishments we brought on ourself. Thank u for ur contribution to my brain and thought process this evening

  2. Thank you for your insight. You bring up an component of thought that I had not considered-priorities! You also refer to relevance. Are these all essential to acting-doing something-being productive even in unfavorable circumstance(s). PASSION! Will others know yours by what you produce?

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