~DON’T Break/Delay Your Bail~

Check out Galatians 5:1


This scripture presents how, why and who has set us free; however, I’m concerned that we don’t seem to accept it. In the times that we do, we often revert back to living as if we are still bound. My concern exists because Galatians 5:1 discloses an assurance of our freedom. Christ has offered freedom to us without a price to us. This freedom costs us nothing. Why, then, are we still submitting and re-submitting to [our own] bondage?

 You bind yourself – Free yourself from your bondage by accepting the offer of Christ!

Has your rebutting of this ransom set you free? Accept freedom from YOUR bondage!

Break your brokenness for wholeness!

Don’t refuse the ransom for your freedom. It’s YOURS [in Christ].

NOT bondage…

DON’T pay for a price that has ALREADY been paid.

DON’T subject yourself to slavery when the master has already set you free.



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