More BLESSING Blogs…

Check these out!!!

Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!!!


6 thoughts on “More BLESSING Blogs…

  1. Thank you so much for your encouragement and inspiration. I thank God for you! Continue to be:

    a warrior: fight like one
    a Queen; live like one
    a blessing; allow God to bless you as you’ve blessed others

    Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!!!

  2. I really like what others had to put out there. I’m glad we can connect to each other even when we do not even know whose words or ideas it may be.

    Thank you for sharing guys, and thank YOU for allowing your viewers access to their blogs.

    I thought about allowing others to read my blog and lately I listened to what you had to say and did let others see/read. Sometimes I am not sure of the way I write and how it might affect people, but I know that people’s lives every day is a living testimony whether or not they believe it as so until they feel that their “luck” has arrived do they remember what God can do and of His living presence. To me, it’s natural to feel blessed during those times, but I look to my life as merely a story (just like everyone else’s) to work upon, to watch, and observe. Therefore, I thank you for the different types of stories that each one of you give.

    I don’t know how people will take to my blog still, but I’m okay with sharing my thoughts and feelings. I am learning just like everyone else, and I know that I make mistakes; but well, I know that it’s okay sometimes to fall but you still need to get up. So, yeah, would you do me that favor and post my site on yours? Thanks. 🙂

  3. I agree with you A-Nam! I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with others. Thank you for stopping by and sharing with those who view this blog! I will definitely add you to my list! I’m glad that you are growing and developing a trust to share what you are going through with others. Thank you and I’m loving your new posts! I’ll comment later! Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!

  4. Thank you so much Bella Grace! Reading that definitely made my day. “Humbled & Encouraged” I am so grateful to know you. Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged! THANK YOU!!!!

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