Are You WILLING To Pay What It Costs???

As, I’ve been away for some time, I have been thinking a great deal about what things, people, opportunities, etc. are worth the price we pay for them (notice, I didn’t comment on the price that is ascribed to what ever those things, whoever those people and where ever we find such opportunities).

I mean, considering this economy. Considering how long someone may be and has been in the difficult predicament he or she finds him/herself in. Considering the debt we owe because we pursued something or someone when we didn’t have what it took to pay for their/for its worth. Considering, the unwilling heart that beats and gives activity to our limbs by way of our blood flow – what is at stake, when or if we are not willing to pay whatever we desire to pursue? Where are you now? How much did it cost you to get there? Was it worth it?

I am not referring to currency or cash here. I am suggesting that we survey what we have and evaluate why we sacrifice, sometimes, even what we don’t have to reach a desired end.





This “desired” end, signifies that we have want of something or someone –

but why & for what???


I’ve just begun to pray for desire, not for what I can’t account for, not for what is far out of reach but my prayer is to have what God has for me. I wish that was as easy for me as it is to ascribe a value to something tangible. Perhaps, you haven’t sought out the value of getting to where God has for you to go. Maybe you believe that there is no way for you to leave where you’ve been. I pose one question (I would suggest we spend time praying over this…”) Are you WILLING to pay what it costs?”

Whether it be of time, talent, wages, change, cash or coins. Perhaps, whatever it is may cost a sacrifice or a few, maybe it won’t but are you willing to pay?  As we are nearing Easter/Resurrection Sunday, as some are preparing to graduate from all different levels of educational pursuits, as some venture out into the unknown, as some try to handle the hills and harbors where they are, as some are lost and feel alone…

Wherever you expect to go…

Whatever you desire to accomplish…

Whoever you want to become…

Are You WILLING to = Pay what [YOUR] ‘It’ costs???

I pray that we consider these things. Consult the source of our resources (because assessment is necessary for this) and care enough about what will be IF we are willing to pay the cost for what we say we want. Will we sacrifice our all for it? Is this ‘It’ worth everything – worthy at all costs?

I only know where I am and I am praying that God will help me be willing. My desire is to be who He says I am, go where He leads and give back to Him what He has given me with no debt incurred. Lord, please make me willing, at ALL costs! Amen.


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