Greetings, All!

I have been away for some time now and I just want to share something God said to me, “God is speaking…to me…When you don’t do an assignment, you fail…God says, there is no reason for you to fail-here’s an extension…Thank you Lord for FAVOR! I pray that the completion of my assignment will bring others to you…Perhaps, for an extension of their own…”

I am back at school this semester and soon there will be several assignments given…The link provided here —> describes the meaning of something that is ‘assigned’. Assignments, particularly in any educational pursuit, aren’t necessarily wanted or desired. Assignments, in any case, are given to be completed. Not only are they to be completed, but often enough, they are to be completed by a certain date. In other words, time is provided to complete said assignment. Most times, I find myself, not having a problem with the assignment given…but with the amount of time I have been given to do it in.

If you are anything like I am…thinking about this…I always come up with questions:

1. How are assignments chosen?

2. How is the allotted time to complete an assignment decided upon?

3. Am I willing to leave the assignment incomplete?

4. Are assignments, completed after the ‘due date’ invalid?

This link provides biblical references with variations of the word “complete.” Check this out. I share this because when I consider an assignment that is incomplete…I ponder whether or not to ascribe, ‘assignment’ to it. When I think of an assignment, my mind automatically assumes something that is completed. My thinking could most definitely be incorrect…however, let us consider some things that we’ve left undone or incomplete. Let us reflect on things that we’ve done that were never given to us to do…even and especially when we’ve completed those things – what has the result been? What happens when we don’t accept our assignments? I’ve found myself doing things outside of my assignment (what I ought not be doing) and still using the time given for the assignment to be due. It’s a simple concept but I ‘hang out’ here because I think it’s important. When I have an assignment but do things that weren’t assigned to me…not only am I not working towards completion on my assignment but this variable of time in this equation is…being used…How much time do we have left to complete those things that have been given for us to do?

Sometimes, we are aware of the time…Sometimes, we lose sight of how quickly the time passes…Sometimes, we don’t know our own deadlines – OK, so…wow…How are we working towards completion without a time-to do, a deadline to meet, a due date to govern ourselves accordingly to?

Don’t think I have gone through my ramble and have forgotten to state that some of us don’t know our assignment(s)…Some of us haven’t considered that we are pass due dates for several assignments…Some of us simply are in a place of waiting for our next assigned task…Wherever we find ourselves…Wherever you are…right now…Know that you were given your assignment because you CAN complete it. You have everything you need to get it done, even when the time given doesn’t seem like an adequate allowance.

Some things I have left undone…some things were never mine to do, even though I’ve dabbled in them…Here’s the thing about that-If I knew my assignment and did other things outside of my assignment, neither ‘assignment’ gets done-even if time would permit.


Be encouraged – Do your assignment. Pray for discernment, knowledge and understanding. Ask for help. Look for resources; such as: read God’s word, worship, repent, prayer, fellowship with other believers in the giver of the assignment given, etc. All assignments that are given, aren’t spiritual matters but know that extensions can only come when the one who assigns can dictate time (the time you have).

[I may finish this ramble at a later time…if I have any left…working towards completion…]

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!!!


2 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT…DUE DATE!!!

  1. Thank you for continuing to blog! We need your posts!

    While reading this post, I felt like you have been following me and reading my mind. Time management has always been a problem for me. Either I spend too much time on something or not enough time. Earlier this year I felt like I was leaving too many tasks undone, which is something new to me. Now I’m back on track with completely assignments but with no balance in my life. I want to do my course work, do what I love and have leisure/me time. Somehow, only things that get done are “must do” tasks with me being really tired with headaches and even cranky. Your post helps me alot because I don’t feel alone. I know the best thing to do is to just do the tasks without questioning every single step of the process and allow time for myself, every week. Thank you so much for this post! It is the encouragement I need right now 🙂

    Keep blogging!

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting. Thank you for inspiring me to start a blog and for continuing to inspire me and so many others with yours. Keep at it. Don’t under-estimate your impact. =)

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