Caution: Out of Order

Hey All!

So, I have to share this quick thought with you all. I’ll come back to develop my thoughts later, but I have to get this out before I forget about this!

I’m at ‘work’ this morning and was asked to write a sign that would warn people about our restroom facility not being operable at this time. As, I went to write the sign (I still have yet to do that)…I thought…WOW, God that is good!

What happens when our lives are out of order?

We can abort our function, temporarily. What happens, when we are not being used–but there is nothing wrong with our ability? We are not fulfilling our purpose, effectively. Hear me out…Even if it is a temporary malfunction…consider how much service you could have rendered if your ‘STUFF’ was in order.

Figure out what is out of order and submit your disorder to One who can make order out of it-who can align your ability with your endeavoring and action. How else are we to serve? If we aren’t using what we already have-we will never be able to get more. If we don’t live in our purpose – what does that say (our ineffective operation) about our ‘management’? Can we be fixed to a right order of operation(s)/to be operable, again?!

***I know we all remember order of operations from school

How do you know when/if things are inoperable/out of order? You stop working. You stop being effective in what you once did so well – change happens. There was a time where you did what your position called for.

This concept of  ‘caution’ intrigues me because I’ve never considered that not living in purpose can be a ‘danger’/impediment to others. Often times our purpose connects us to others who need us to be in service so that they can keep their ‘STUFF’ in order. Are we the reason of someone’s caution? Are we out of order?!


2 thoughts on “Caution: Out of Order

  1. While I am waiting on the updated version, I want to say Amen!!! Such a timely word for the current waiting place we all are in. Wondering why the line is getting long…because God is here. He’s the main attraction and everyone wants to see if it’s true. Your ministry…yes ministry speaks the truth…the gospel…what God intended…nah scratch that, what God instructed. I will wait for the rest. Thank you for being obedient and delivering the word.

    Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who He created you to be.

    Bella Grace

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