What are you GOING after?!

As I prayed a few days ago, I said, “God, you are my goal…”

What are we planning for? What goals are we setting? Well, I guess the real question is – How do we set goals? Are dreams and goals the same thing? I think dreams are desires that we have and we aren’t quite sure if they will ever be experienced. You all may disagree but I think goals are things. opportunities, ideas that we hold/believe are attainable. We can see and almost touch our goals. How, then, do we make them into reality? I mean, both – dreams and goals are  conceptions – things that we don’t have. How do we have our wants?

Then, I think the obvious question is WHY (are we endeavoring for such things)? What is at stake if we never get to have them? Will attaining (y)our goals add something to (y)our life/lives? I hope that you/we aren’t dreaming of (y)our demise and pursuing it. What are you/we thinking? What do dreams do? Do they make our desires attainable for us; help us see them so that we can pursue them?


 Let us be careful that our pursuit is not of our nightmares or what can be detrimental to our progression towards achieving and attaining our goals. What are you GOING after?! What is keeping you from getting there – to the reality of  what you’ve already seen?

 Reach out to touch them – this will allow you to see how far away you are from having them – holding them – living in them…then MOVE! Go after those things that you can’t stop seeing. Dreams, often, reoccur – a persistent urging of pursuit. Be encouraged! #GO

When you get there, to that reality…LIVE…until more dreams come.


2 thoughts on “What are you GOING after?!

  1. This post is amazing! I was just thinking this morning of my moves…the goals I want to achieve next. I believe we must continuously be goal orientated in order to progress. In order to have multiple options and not become stagnate. Of course, we cannot plan every single thing and life doesn’t always hand us what we want, thinking ahead keeps us focused on priorities and making an improvement in some way. Our dreams, no matter what they are, fulfill us and our goals get us there! Thank u for this post…you gave me extra encouragement!!

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