?Yes ? No ?Maybe

Sometimes, I have a difficult time saying “NO!” and an even more difficult time, saying “YES!” My “NO” usually is to God; whereas, my “YES” is usually towards people. Now, my goal is not to please man but I find uncertainty saying “YES” to God because I’m never really sure if I heard Him correctly. Ask for discernment? Even with discernment…even with free will, I end up doing what I told God “NO” to doing. God will get what He wants! That’s one thing that I’m clear on!

No matter, if we say “YES” to a relationship with Him. Our initial “NO” can change! To people…why say “YES” to people when they can offer no assurance to the positive/negative consequences to come? Why say “YES” to a person who is as indecisive as we are? Why? I think it depends on the question. Random: Why is it so difficult to answer a “YES” or “NO” question? Because, inevitably we have to live with our choices. We will have to remember how we arrived in certain places, hanging out with certain people, etc. Our choices – How do we choose? Our feelings? Our head? Possible outcomes attached to our choices?  The foreseeable benefits? Lack of being endangered? No sense of repercussions? How quickly do we decide? How do we decide – external influences, prayer, internal instincts, guidance from mentors, fasting, ideas from friends (who may not have our best interest, but interest nonetheless), the flip of a coin, Google, mere guessing, no sure sense of direction, etc?

Could we have missed the signs that pointed us in the direction that would lead us to where we thought we wanted to go? Do we trust those influences and/or our impulses to direct us to a decision? The thing about deciding is that there are seemingly so many options to choose from. We don’t take into account, the elimination process that we learned while taking multiple-choice exams. I think this is because our life’s journey isn’t based on things we’ve learned – we learn as we go through it. Sure, we have listened to lessons from those in several positions of authority and people we respect (this is not always the same group of people). We’ve seen the consequences from other person’s mistakes. But, what have we really learned, without our own experience? What can we gain from definitely deciding? We learn how NOT to do it the next time. We all make mistakes. We all try and we all try again. We, sometimes, make options for ourselves that don’t really exist. We, sometimes, choose what feels best but what isn’t best. It’s all a part of our journey. The question is – Are we moving?

YES         NO        MAYBE     ??????


2 thoughts on “?Yes ? No ?Maybe

  1. I thought I was alone feeling this way before 😉 It’s only in surrendering to God that we can able to say ”YES” to Him, without doubts and without hesitations. Great post! 🙂 God bless!

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