Just Thinking…

As I continue to think of new things and try to figure out what I should blog about I find that looking at/for/through pictures helps me. As I browsed through many today, some stood out and I just want to share them here. Some, I found by searching particular words while others I saw and thought it would be interesting to equate the pictures’ depictions to words that, perhaps, may not be easily associated, quickly. Here goes… (Let me know what you think, as I will post a few random thoughts here as well…


What does it mean to have character? I find this picture interesting because it shows one ‘person’ standing on a puzzle piece (I know that is quite obvious but it is thought provoking). Many have heard it said, “a picture is worth a thousand words” but are there always words to express what is seen? Considering that those who view any picture have different perspectives, vantage points, etc. If I look at this picture and try to understand what character is…I become…well, uncertain. Does character connect us to others, although, there are no others’ or other puzzle pieces shown here? Do we stand alone on our ‘piece’ of the puzzle and just not make connections at all? Why is the ‘person’ and the ‘piece’ different colors, is each-just that-its own? Those are just a few random thoughts.


HELP. Oftentimes, I consider the concept of help as something that we need when we are desperate. However, I am learning to reconsider this idea. The pictures I have chosen show 1) a hand reaching out of the water & 2) a silhouette pressed up against a door, perhaps, seemingly wanting to escape from (get out of) where he/she is. In picture 1) there seems to be a dire need. I am not suggesting that there are no instances where help is needed instantly. I just want to share the thought that all help doesn’t have to be asked for only in situations of dire need. Now, picture 2) I’ll imagine that either this figure is left alone or if someone else is there, the individuals’ can not help in the escape of the place in which they find themselves. In either case, I feel that it is interesting that the silhouette  is dark but is surrounded by light. This depiction makes me think that even if help from someone else isn’t instantly needed that there is a feeling of darkness around the individual, perhaps, he/she feels alone and not able to leave the darkness that is felt. The second picture makes me think more about the person that seemingly needs the  help; whereas, picture 1) makes me consider or ponder, rather, about where help can possibly come from. Picture 1) shows this one hand coming from underneath the water – this hand is SURROUNDED by water. This sort of help will seemingly endanger and could impede the safety/rescue of the one ‘hand’ in need. Sometimes, in our relationships with others, we trust at the last minute. We wait until we can’t take it or get out or find peace. We wait to ask for help. If we need it, we need it – why wait? I still think about where and who we seek help from. Maybe, we’ve asked for assistance from sources that were unable to meet our needs, get us out, find us safety. Maybe, we underestimate the desire for others to help or the burdens we can become for another if we ask for help. Maybe, we are so deep in the ‘darkness’ that surrounds us, that we can’t even seem to feel the light’s warmth that’s around us – its directing drive, its presence as we feel like we wrestle alone.


When I think of this word I immediately think of another = weak. Throughout history, when one party can’t fight against their opponents any longer because of loss of man power or of resources they tended to surrender. Sometimes, surrendering makes me think of ‘the easy way out’, to ‘give up’. However, surrender is beginning to become such a different concept to me, now. Surrender displays strength to me, so much more than weakness ever could. I love this picture, because I would never usually associate the thought of surrender with a tree, bare of its leaves but it causes me to think about what happens when surrender occurs. If we consider Autumn and how the leaves fall off of the trees, I think that timing is critical in surrendering. Here’s the thing – the leaves won’t fall off of the trees until they change colors. Am I asserting that the trees surrender? I’m not quite sure, I’m not a tree but I think that surrender ushers a person or thing or idea or feeling in a place where the lack of control is acknowledged. I’ve yet to see a tree, able to decide what happens to its leaves. Now this picture may lead us to say, “Well, the tree has nothing left”. Such is true, but that aspect of time surfaces to the forefront, again. The tree is utterly empty, bearing nothing. This tree is ‘barren’. My question is, well what happened to all those green leaves that were once on this very tree? Surrender corners us into relinquishing what’s ours; only if we consider it ours. Surrender shackles us to loss if we forget about possession and timing. Green leaves will appear again, in their time, if we don’t fail to realize that we are yet planted. We haven’t been uprooted. Our leaves are no longer with us but we haven’t stopped living because we experienced that loss. Let me not run with this. Surrender, I don’t think is ever easy but it shows us what we have left when we feel like we have lost everything that we possessed. Surrender shows us who we are without what we have possession over. Surrender shows us where we are. Surrender doesn’t deplete us completely, it often leaves us just enough to start over until we will need to be reminded where we are and what we are doing with what is ours, only temporarily. We still fight and war against letting go and losing and winning but we will just keep at it until we have nothing left. No way to recover – No spring to return. What are we doing, where we are, with who we are and not what we have?


Understanding. Why is revelation needed to understand? We don’t know everything that there is to know. I know that I don’t know much about what I think I know but revelation isn’t worth anything if listening doesn’t accompany it. Revelation is useless without following directions that were given in receiving revelation. How are things revealed, you ask? How do we decide what to listen to and what to turn away from? What does it mean to understand something? Just because we understand something, does that mean that we need to agree with it and/or accept it – and in those instances, do we need to abide by those things? What do you all think? I think that I’m still learning. Discernment is something I seek to know more fully – how do I identify what I should and shouldn’t follow, abide by, ‘entertain’, etc? I’m yet, thinking…

As always…Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!!!


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