Sometimes, I Need to Take My Own Advice

Anyone, ever feel drained? That’s how I feel. I have a cold and I’m just anti-everything. I just want to sleep – well, I want to do that all of the time anyway but I’m just like ‘so what’ to everything right now.

I can hear myself say to others, “Slow Down” and regardless of how I feel about myself never producing anything…not, even, trying…seeing no worth in things…I think I need to sit and find peace in quietness. I need to slow down my thoughts and just clear my mind and breathe deeply. There is something about peace and quiet, that is calming. I guess I need to calm down and slow down. I’ve found myself overwhelmed and I think for right reason but I think I’ll listen to my own advice today. Hopefully, I’ll change some of my thoughts in quiet. I feel like there is so much NOISE everywhere.

The next two images, I just wanted to share. I have to encourage myself. I will find the calm in the chaos, today!

Sometimes, I feel SO unworthy to approach God and lately I’ve felt unworthy, even, to hear from God. Why would God want to waste His time on me – why would He take the time to hear from me and SPEAK to me? Ugh, all I’ve been able to come up with is that – He is God!


This is just #truth You can! Be encouraged! Trust that you have enough to do what is before you and if you don’t – ask God! Give thanks to God because He desires to hear from you! Take my advice – “Slow Down!” Find your own calm in the chaos. Be still. There’s peace in your problem in the presence of God…GO! As always – Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Need to Take My Own Advice

  1. You will always have access to God as long as you choose to seek Him no matter what condition you are in. God wants us in sickness and in health, rich or poor, good times and bad times. He wants us to continue to come to him until he calls us home. Seek him…seek him…seek him!!!

    Bella Grace

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