It’s Okay…

I just wanted to share this thought with you all, on today.

I have been frustrated with myself for a long time and for whatever reason, today, I accept who I am. I am not perfect and I don’t want to be. I am me and I’ve concluded that I am enough – it’s okay!

One of my friends says that I am “different” and at first I couldn’t accept that but, today – I am who I am and I congratulate myself.

I don’t cry often but it’s not because I think it makes me weak, in fact, I think crying carries so much strength. Crying enables one to feel, to feel…

I don’t know what it is with today but I love the me that I’ve been so frustrated with. I’m not a horrible person. I am different, unlike many. I am me. I am. That is so freeing for me, right now. Acceptance of self is amazing. Me – with all of my flaws and shortcomings and feelings and doubt and shame and worry – I love it all! It’s okay, now! I am grateful for who I am. I appreciate me & all of you, too!

You are OKAY just the way you are. Change for you, no one else. Love yourself. Don’t take this as a means to not improve but know that you are who you are because you are needed – you are different and that makes a difference that is needed and appreciated. Self acceptance is truth! Don’t lie to yourself. Embrace who you are! If you don’t – when you realize who you are, you will be sorry for neglecting the treasure you are. Be encouraged in who you are. If there is something that you would like to change about yourself – work on it – but don’t criticize yourself to the point where you estrange your existence. You are who you are – Celebrate & Enjoy who you are – there is no one else like you!


It’s Okay! As always – stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!!!


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