INSTEAD of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)…WCTC???

During this season of preparation, whether you are preparing to buy/give gifts or donate clothing or feed those who need a meal or whether you observe this season as Advent – waiting and anticipating the arrival of/the coming of Christ or whether you just enjoy the spirit of this Holiday season…Many of us can’t wait until this time of year. Why? Well, because it seems like a universal acceptance of happiness and cheer – for some.

There’s a lot going on with me recently and this time of year reminds me to slow down and wait. As a Christian, and I’m sure many who don’t identify with any religion can say that they’ve heard the phrase “What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)”. Often times this phrase is used to call to remembrance the lifestyle that Jesus modeled when someone is, perhaps, being rude or unkind to someone else. In other cases, this phrase is used to have someone stop and think before acting. I don’t know if I use the phrase much, but I did have a bracelet with the letters engraved on it, when I was younger. It was red and because I didn’t have much red in my wardrobe, I didn’t wear it often.

That’s a concept! However, I never liked it. Quite honestly, I don’t know what Jesus would do and I wouldn’t think to ask anyone else because I don’t think he/she would know any better than I would – we aren’t Jesus. I came up with a new acronym (at least to my knowledge) because I wanted something that I thought I could answer: WCTC? It’s simple – Why Come To Christ? I think that this acronym is a wonderful way to witness to others without much expectation or anticipation during this season and I think it offers something /someone rather than simply posing a question that any person may not know the answer to.

Randomly, things come together in my life. I was just talking to a friend about a new piece that I’m working on (poetry) entitled “Would You Come For Me? ” Initially, this piece had nothing to do with Jesus or joy or anything about anticipation. As I continued to think about it though, it began to make sense.

Maybe this joyous season isn’t quite a universal acceptance. There are some who want to accept this joy and happiness but have no hope. There are some who are grieving and have lost much. There are some who feel that they have nothing and so expecting something from nothing is difficult to grasp and want. However, please be encouraged. Jesus Christ came for you! That’s a reason to come to Christ. He came just for you and the hope in our anticipation during this Advent Season is that He will come back for those who believe (in His coming). God sent Christ in human flesh to live among us (that’s the only way we can ask- WWJD?) and then promised that His death would allow us to draw near to Him as He bids us, “COME”.

If you need more of a reason or more reasons to come…Ask WCTC? There are witnesses to who He is and what His coming for us has and can do! If you would like to ask why or testify to what happens when you came or if you do come – please feel free to comment and let us provide hope and strength for those who still have time to come.

Ask Somebody – WCTC?

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!!!


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