Why Resume? You Can!

Sometimes, we lose. We find ourselves feeling ashamed and regretful for the strategy we chose that failed. We started thinking we would finish first and we came in last. We didn’t win, we lost.

Have you ever won anything? A raffle at an event, a game, money, etc? If you have, you can ecstatically remember the feeling, I’m sure. I find it interesting that I’ve had to search for the ‘taste’. I’ve had to ‘regurgitate’ what winning felt like in order to remember; however, losing never leaves – there is no searching necessary – the feeling lingers. I’m learning that ‘winning’, in many senses, takes away the worth of trying. I mean, if you win, than it’s done – there’s nothing more to do, to attain, to strive for because we’ve experienced what victory feels like. I wonder if the feeling, really is what victory is…temporary?

Check out the parallel scriptures from the NIV and the Message Bible: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%2010:39;16:25,26;%20Luke%209:24;%20%20John%2012:25&version=NIV;MSG

The picture above acknowledges the loss and suggests that we have a choice to start over – to resume until completion, until we win. How do we let go of the embarrassment and guilt of losing? Seasons ending? Work not paying off? Why can we always identify with losing so easily (even if/when we’ve experienced what it is to win/beat others/grow/etc.) ? I think losing lingers because, like our conscious or our intuition, we can always redo/resume/restart. I feel like winning fades so quickly because there is no struggle. Struggle can only happen/occur if we try repeatedly and keep having to try. Losing like struggling can remind us of our need to finish.

Jesus Christ struggled in His flesh and so do we. Sometimes, we give up because we’ve lost so much – so many times. I would submit that we give up to Him and trudge to our own Calvary experiences so that we too can know what it is for ‘it is finished’ to consume us and leave the flesh feelings behind. Let us all be encouraged to endure until the finish. Keep trying, messing up, witnessing, falling, loving, losing, giving, etc. until you can no longer resume – until you no longer have a choice to ‘press start’.

As always

Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!!!


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