Rare Regret…Get Rid of it ALL…

Check out this parallel bible verse that speaks about regret…


I’m learning that there are some things that I’ve left undone and I have decided to finish them, one thing at a time. I don’t want to be overwhelmed with regret that doesn’t mean anything, especially when I could just do those things and have no regret at all.

How do you get rid of regret? Always render service to the All-Sufficient One – what God wants for you and has you do will not leave you in a state of disappointment and ‘what ifs’.  As you serve others, don’t do it at your own expense, know that you need to be at your best to give what your best is to others. Remember to take care of yourself. You are important and needed and you ought to not take yourself for granted.

Reason has it that regret is remorse for a loss, perhaps. Keep what you need to keep and rid yourself of the rest/remaining. Everything that we acquire doesn’t come with a lifetime contract that we are bound to. Sometimes, it is necessary for us to throw some things away, not only regret.

Whatever needs disposal – release it. If you keep it regret will come but thank God that we have been redeemed and are able to rest in the assurance that what we do can be received…but of no regret when we do it to honor and respect and reverence God.

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!


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