A Bad Situation…An Easy Decision

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult or bad situation? You don’t have to be in trouble with the law or lose your job or all control over your life to be in a place that is bad. Maybe, you aren’t in a place that is bad but you just feel bad about where you are: choose to be/go, are staying, etc. There are options; however, to choose from in deciding to change the circumstances of the situation.

How can you change where you are? change how you feel about it? This is an easy decision, well sometimes…here it is – leave. Maybe you can’t physically leave from where you are but you can leave that place emotionally, financially, morally, socially, etc. In other words, don’t stay where you aren’t receiving or feel received. Why not stay? Why stay? Even if you leave and are seemingly alone – if it’s a bad situation – it’s better to be alone in a good place than with many, still alone feeling like it’s a bad place/situation to be in. Choose for you. Others might think you have changed – and frankly, sometimes you need to.


Oftentimes, we get so boggled down with what everyone thinks about what we are doing with our lives. You are the only one who can live for you, so while you may be encumbered by existing for the external – the external you are existing for is not bothered by your ‘blessing’ of what it decides to do. Sometimes, prayer can give us a courageous confidence to leave and love all the more, from a distance. We often think of leaving as a final cut off from our lives but you don’t have to stop praying or caring for the place/situation/person. It’s alright for you to leave. If you can’t or choose not to – seek out the good in you (God) to try to shift the situation. If you don’t know God and/or don’t want to know God…Maybe, there isn’t any good and the realization of the ‘bad’ is to change your association(s)/relationship(s).

A bad situation. An easy decision – Watch your devotion and disciples (who you keep around you) When you can’t decide…Ask for direction.

As always. Stay prayerful. Keep giving, serving, pressing, fasting, sacrificing, obeying, and trusting that God hasn’t left you wherever you are but that He is with you.

Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!


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