…i can’t do this…

I haven’t blogged in a while…I just wanted to share some thoughts quickly.

My life has changed when I really grasped and accepted the truth that only God can…

[______________] <— insert whatever it is that you are trying to figure out, can’t stop, want to leave, need to change, forgive others and help you forgive yourself, etc. With this acceptance, God has granted me freedom from myself – my doubts, my fears, my insecurities, my pain, my frustration, my negativity (especially towards myself), etc.

 I still struggle but I’m no longer struggling to simply return to it – when God finishes ‘it’ – it is finished (no need to return to what has been accomplished!) Did I seek God for this change? Did I sincerely and earnestly pray? Honestly, no. Hence, I am more convinced than ever that ONLY GOD can do some things, change some things, fix some things, calm some things, kill some things and resurrect some things – because He knows all things. He has a plan for us that needs only our availing. He has everything else under control (UNDER) control. He is above all and has authority over all things (not just our ‘some things’ that we think we should give over to Him). God is good!

When you feel like you can’t – know that it’s alright and that it’s an accurate statement but know that God can STILL do whatever it is that you can’t.

When I saw this picture, I thought it was necessary for me to post. Look at it, can you see yourself there? Your hands there? Well, perhaps that’s me or was or could end up being. Regardless, look at it. Does it not look like darkness looms over the situation those tied hands find themselves in? I see it, those hands are HOLDING on to being bound. If those hands let go – there is space to be released – there – do you see it? Do you hear what I’m saying? If you see yourself – good, acknowledge that. Your situation may not be the same as the picture portrays but if you believe that freedom is possible – let go. It may not be easy because you would rather have something in your hands than nothing at all but if you so choose – let go just to see if there is something beyond your bondage…something else that you can hold on to that won’t keep you in darkness.

I just want to encourage you all. Well, I just want to encourage YOU…If you can relate with the post’s title…know that God can!




As always – Stay blessed, a blessing and encouraged!



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