Moving While Staying Still

Moving while staying still…paradoxical? Perhaps…I’m learning to grow even if I’m limited by things that I have no control over. I would love to move right now – move in location, move from negative thoughts, move from the ideals that others have for my life, move from being afraid to move, etc. and I’m finding that I can do just that, even if I must stay still. Frustration has plagued me for some time just because I wasn’t making my own decisions about where I wanted to be or where I want to go – I became so accustomed and familiar with staying still – where I was.


This picture was striking to me because;

1) she is carrying something but replies, when asked, that she is doing ‘nothing’. Sometimes, I feel that we give ourselves too little credit for the progress we are making because others don’t understand or ascribe value to what we are doing and/or why we are doing it. If you are doing something, don’t reply ‘nothing’…accept your decision to do something and share it with others. Don’t be intimidated by what it LOOKS like others are doing and have that dictate what your something is and whether or not you share it with others. Be confident in your doing. Acknowledge what it takes to do what you do and know that you are moving towards a goal even if you feel like you have yet to move completely – any move we make is a process…is progress…embrace and endure it so that you will feel accomplished in finishing what you started and then that others will no longer need to ask but will be able to identify what you did/were doing because you completed the process to go where you wanted to be.

2) “If you think moving is hard…”, this thought messed me up because I immediately responded, “moving is hard, I don’t think that – I know that”. However, I’m beginning to change my mind. When we move, when anything moves, there is an objective/a plan/a reason for leaving where we are – even if it’s that we just want a new start. If the reason is established before we begin the process – moving shouldn’t be difficult. Honestly, we ought to be motivated to get to where we are trying to go and so we should breeze through the a) throwing away, b) cleaning, c) packing, d) leaving.

Then there’s this notion of:

3) “try moving while nobody’s looking” Contrary to popular belief – being seen is important, maybe being watched is questionable but being known of is encouraging – but what does that have to do with moving?! I don’t think it should have anything to do with moving but it oftentimes does. ‘What will people think? I’ll be leaving everyone I know. I won’t know anyone where I’m going.’ Sometimes, we have to do things for ourselves and not for the eyes that watch us – that speculate and form opinions because they are still. Our moving doesn’t always have to be a change in location – it could be in thoughts, desires, attitudes, goals, etc. We can move while we are still and people will notice. We live differently when we move, when we change, when we leave the familiar (I would say comfortable but I think the two are quite different). Just because we ‘live’ in places and conditions that doesn’t mean that they are comfortable.

The bottom line, I guess, is that if we decide to move – we need to establish why we are moving as motivation to get us beyond the watching eyes (of even our own doubt) and go for where we want to be and not where we are tolerated or tolerate people/things. Moving isn’t simply allotted to the physical and regardless of what aspect we move in – we ultimately make decisions. Allow your decisions to be what’s best for you. Move if needed. Sometimes, we try to leave for ‘no reason’ and we run into fear and discouragement and drama because we are leaving to leave things undealt with – if that is the case, those things will follow us to our new dwelling places (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually, etc.).

Where is your current dwelling place? Have you reason to leave where you’ve been? Move if it means leaving what is not comfortable/comfortable in order to go where you ultimately want to be. What matters to you? How can you have those things? Moving can be seen as active or it can be noticed as necessary, whether we stay still or not.

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!


3 thoughts on “Moving While Staying Still

  1. I absolutely love this post! I have a note on my desk that says, “baby steps are still steps.”

    Your first point definitely resonated with me – about not giving ourselves credit for the progress we ARE making. I am DEFINITELY guilty of this. And although I’m much better about NOT making decisions based on the opinion of others, it’s still challenge trying to “justify” what I’m doing to those who don’t really understand the value in every “small” step (or steps that LOOK like they aren’t steps at all). Thank you so much for this reminder! I’ll have to save this post and come back to it periodically. Definitely needed to read this!

  2. Thank you so much, Danielle, for stopping by and commenting. I’m so glad that you found some encouragement in this post! Praying that you will continue to be encouraged as you journey through life. Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!

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