…Get a Job…

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while. I just wanted to post quickly about one thing – unemployment. I don’t wish to elaborate on poverty or the economic status of the USA but I do want to vent about not having a job and why I don’t want one merely just to have one.

I hear so many people declare in excitement…

Why are so many so excited about attaining a new job? What were they doing prior to this new employment opportunity? Were they dissatisfied? Unfulfilled? Under paid? Can you really enjoy what you do and receive payment for it?

Check out this verse in Proverbs…
From the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible–Proverbs 28:19, “Anyone who tills the land will have plenty of bread, but one who follows worthless pursuits will have plenty of poverty.”


All of the other versions that I’ve provided above, except for the NRSV, talk particularly of ‘working/tilling/cultivating one’s own land or garden’ and it states that if this is the case, that the individual will have much.


What’s the target of our own job hunts? This scripture discloses that we have progress to make in our own places…there are resources in what we already own and possess. What I love about all the different versions of the Bible is that after acknowledging the possibility we all have of much (by working with what we have) they also describe what we do that leaves us with lack.

~ follow (worthless pursuits & [vain] people) = plenty of poverty
~ chase (fantasies) = their fill of poverty
~ play and party = empty plates

I just want to encourage us all to take notice of what we are doing and why we have endeavored to do them. Sometimes, we reason and we hit our targets but we are unable to stop hitting the same targets because we expect that our hit the last time would pay off…but you already have what makes you enough to work and have much. Work your own – there will be produce from what you have.

I need to get a job, but more than that, I need/we need to grow what we have. Fulfillment will come. Abundance will come. Enough will come because enough will be cultivated and worked through.

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!


2 thoughts on “…Get a Job…

  1. This blog post screams my sentiments!!!!!!! I am more happier and content with my full-time ministry. The Lord said to do it and he will supply all of my needs and so shall I wait on him and trust him that he will do just what he said he would do in Jesus name Amen!

    Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who He created you to be.


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