It’s (good) Enough

Hey all!

I’ve just been thinking about this scripture briefly…

“A gift opens doors; it gives access to the great.” -Proverbs 18:16 (NRSV)

The scripture says that, “a gift opens doors…”

When we can’t see our gifts—let’s ask the giver of the intent of them.

This picture reminds me that we don’t always see or can identify what has been given to us, particularly from God (whether we close our eyes on our own or not). I keep thinking, why then, do we often times endeavor to pursue and pull on doors? What we were given = our gift(s), will do the work and get the door opened. We seem to think that we need to check out our options and choose for ourselves which doors we want to walk through. I believe that we encounter disappointment in our failure to accomplish some things because we tried to get deals, make negotiations and work diligently to do what isn’t our duty to do. Do you get stressed out because you’ve exerted much energy in trying to get your business started or make a difference in someone’s life or change the atmosphere of where you are with no success? What you have been given is (good) enough. The gift that you have and it’s ability to open doors is NOT contingent on whether or not you keep pushing on things that your gift will pull at or pulling on things that your gift will push on. What you have, what you were given will accomplish what it was given for you to do. It doesn’t need your planning and promoting. It’s (good) enough to pull it’s own weight. The thing that gets me is that gifts cost us nothing and we endeavor to set prices for others to get a gander at them. When we give freely and allow the gifting to go after what it was intended to go after – we stop comparing what we do to what  others are doing because  we know that our gifts are enough on their own.

The scripture says, “…it [a gift] gives access to the great.” I would say that if you haven’t encountered anyone or anything great, yet – whatever you’ve been doing isn’t out of your gifting. Let your gift grow out of you on its own. When we are aware of our gifting we think that upon our awareness  is the time to try to develop it but…our gifting is given equipped. Let its goodness be enough to watch where it leads us and gives us access to.

Have a great Monday!

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing, encouraged & in order!


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