The Simplicity of the Complex

Hey all!

I just wanted to stop through to share a simple realization and pose a question that hopefully causes us to reflect and consider our characters.

The GOAL is always what centers us…as we GO THROUGH…

As I take some time off from my undergraduate journey, I’ve realized something that, perhaps, shouldn’t have taken me this long to get and that thing is this…While I wanted a Bachelor’s  degree, I didn’t understand that my wanting it came with requirements to get it. Sure, I understood – in order to get the degree I had to successfully pass my classes but I failed at understanding the power in placing value/importance/priority on the process.

Starting the process (deciding) is the most difficult position to stay at but when we want what we want—it catapults us to get it…As we go through the process – we make progress in our own lives.

The question I want to pose is this: How do we assign value to the process when we are after the product of it?

I’ve failed enough to know that working towards something will be in vain when we ascribe the process of attaining it = no value or purpose. There is meaning in the process—there has to be.

Whatever you are facing or preparing to face; whatever you are trying to figure out in order to conquer a cycle of continuum; whatever you feel stuck in; whatever you keep retreating back to…consider the simplicity of the (seemingly) complex. Why do you want it? Is it worth the process that you MUST undergo to have it? Why is that thing/situation/person/ideal important to you? Why have we assigned value to some things?

When we do the work in the simplicity of things, I dare to believe that they become less complex to tackle and overcome or overturn and conquer. We can have what we want when we work through the necessary/requirements to get it.

I guess what I’m trying to state is – Do we really want what we’ve confessed to wanting? Consider this and correct your strategy from how hard the process is – to how simple your decision is to pursue the process. We can have what we are after when we understand that the process is necessary to have it.

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing, encouraged and in order!


One thought on “The Simplicity of the Complex

  1. Admittedly I’m a little biased, but look at the process like a relationship with Jesus. The goal is to hear “well done” and reach Heaven. The process is learning Jesus for self, and reaching new levels in living for Him. There are victories, and set backs, but the walk is a continued learning experience. As the process of attaining a goal is as much about what we learn on the way to it, as reaching it.

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