What’s On Your ‘To Do’ List ?!

Here’ s the thing…Loving yourself matters more than you may think. It has mattered more than I thought it would. As you grow in age and things and people around you change, you begin to…well, I began to wonder…the infamous…WHY? that we tend to consider when things change. I’ve learned that the ‘why?’ doesn’t matter because even if I knew the answer – the circumstances still stand as is.

I have this idea that I know what other people think and the truth is, the thoughts of me that matter – are really my own. When we love ourselves there is a new sense of freedom from the expectations of others. My mind, sometimes, likes to play tricks on me. That’s not true…the truth is I didn’t have any discipline when it came to my mind. I just thought those thoughts were mine and that they belonged to me and that all of them were correct. I’ve never been so wrong! And, at last, that’s a really good feeling. I tend to rant and realized that is what my blog is for – the purpose of it. I started writing here to clear out all the clutter in my head and hopefully help others to do the same.

Our thoughts matter when we can’t love ourselves and can’t figure out why OR don’t care to acknowledge why. This post has a simple premise…Make it your priority to put yourself on your ‘To Do’ List because you matter. If you find it difficult to put yourself first or at least on that list…do some self reflection. Iron out the creases of your mind’s eye – what do you see? Is it you? The thoughts and expectations of others? Find you and when you do…put you where you belong! Take care!

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing, encouraged & in order!


6 thoughts on “What’s On Your ‘To Do’ List ?!

  1. Woooo…this is hitting me right now. The expectations of others can easily replace the words of God and the leadings of Christ if we’re not careful. It’s been reiterated to me just how much over the last few weeks.

    Seriously, this is blessing me.

  2. This is a blessing in my life right now. I’m examining my own life to see where I’ve internalized another’s expectations, versus being who Christ has called me to be. It’s a hard road once you’ve taken on someone else’s thoughts, but He’ll allow for the renewing of our minds (Rom. 12: 1,2).

  3. Thanks! I’m so glad that you are encouraged by this post and it is easy to adopt others’ thoughts as our own. As you’ve been encouraged, I’m encouraged by your comment. Let us go forward praying for our minds to be renewed daily! God bless and strengthen you!

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