I’m Alone, With, My Father

Let me begin this by telling you that this has never happened before
I’m caught off guard and so this should be interesting
I’m alone
my father. And as much as I want that father to be God,
it’s not, it’s him – not He.
I’m sitting nervously waiting for him to speak as I attempt to conclude why he won’t leave –
at least I’m accustomed to that.
This man has said nothing to me and so while he is here, I’m still alone.
It made me think of the power of admitting mistakes because at least then you can move on,
but we were still sitting in silence.
An apology wouldn’t matter: of what he did and said and didn’t do
since how it all made me feel…well, he never asked and so I never told
and this silence is getting old so I implemented something new.
I walked away and it surprised me that he didn’t follow…
but just as I sat, alone, with him – I suppose, he was, alone, with me too.
Conversation was never existent between us
and I’m sure feelings were never consistent between us, either.
And every now and then my mind wanders and considers why he allowed our roles to reverse, this time
when he wouldn’t leave  
let me.

One thought on “I’m Alone, With, My Father

  1. Wow…this post is very needed for so many of us sitting with a “father” and nothing is being said. Drugs, alcohol, sex, lust, lying, cheating, pride, anger, etc. I am learning to move like Jesus. Learning by applying. And like you learned and did…walk away. Some things are better left unsaid…our Father told us that.

    Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who He created you to be.

    With Love Always,
    Bella Grace

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