The Burden of Beauty

Beauty has, seen ugliness and, remained.
This is no popular trend, it has no end.
And carrying it and keeping it can be burdensome.
You’ve misunderstood its character and strength,
because it has what’s necessary to bless and be a curse –
branded on many who have misrepresented it to you
since it has been qualified as sin.
Seemingly, no one wants it and no one wants what lasts anymore.
Everyone wants to have a plan for progress without accepting who they are and what they have,
how far will they get?
How far can any of us go without ourselves?
Beauty bears the burden of vision and meaningful interactions…
It is judged harshly as worthless and yet it does not fade like make-up.
Here is complexity listening and being coerced to adhere to simplistic mistreatment.
Don’t be deceived, beauty isn’t only skin deep
and the ‘eye of the beholder’ isn’t even looking for it or at it or where it can be seen.
There is value in permanence – something we can find ourselves being comfortable with and even in.
Don’t allow its burden, these times, to alter what’s yours.
Live carrying it because it will make you stronger, beauty.
When you bathe with beauty, cleanliness will conquer the stains of the released and unleashed ugliness of now.
Keep letting that beauty of yours loose,
the burden of beauty must bear meaning.

One thought on “The Burden of Beauty

  1. I will keep letting my beauty loose! Awesome word of God sis! Absolutely truthful!

    Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who He created you to be.

    With Love Always,
    Bella Grace

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