…When What You Swallow Doesn’t Satisfy…

This, here is voluntary,
you chose and choose to keep what has no value to you
because it was
and remains
available; easy to attain.
Wasting away while filling yourself with what’s unsustainable.
Are you empty – feel empty, yet?
There is pleasure in sin, but there is a price to pay, too.
And I would not submit to you that it was your sin
that started such shattered dreams but how can you disappear
from yourself
and want more than what you’ve settled for?
This, here is a conundrum continuum
I cry for you
because choices aren’t ours in ignorance
and so how would you know that satisfaction can come
when you swallow down
low self esteem?
And what can be known of change when your own
disappearing goes unnoticed?
And how is it that no one sees you,
Seemingly, there is no one who cares about your
but you,
and you have no other choice.
But you are not alone,
there are many who know no difference…
And that is the hope in and of itself –
simply something different.
When we settle for the same long enough,
we’ll see it and feel it, ourselves. We will notice
our own displeasure in disappearing from ourselves
and we will no longer settle for what we know
but strive to attain what we have yet to know –
and that is satisfaction.
This, here is self care, convicted
which calls us out of, the dark
of our routine of suffering,
and into the satisfaction
of change.


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