Shaken, Not Stirred

You stand firm, enough to be shaken in these turbulent times but always find your way back
to a stance of sanity.
You have succumbed to staggering obstacles and
have found your way back to stability.
Such is your strength – a secure foundation.
You’ve been shaken and not stirred.
However cliche’…you have not been sent to a continuum of leaving without
return – you never stay away from that security too long.
You don’t stay with what can’t keep you.
You are an example of evolving excellence; not perfection –
I’m trying to emulate your lead.
Shaken by human frailty but hemmed in, in God’s pursuing love and forgiveness.
You are too sure of salvation to be stirred by the satisfaction of flesh, you are.
You are shaken, not stirred.


2 thoughts on “Shaken, Not Stirred

  1. Thank you for your consistent support, encouragement & feedback – it’s always appreciated! Obstacles always send us back to where we belong in Him – shaken & not stirred.

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