You Have A Beautiful Smile

I wonder about what is beneath the surface.
What internal thing is nurtured until it manifests externally –
meets me in all of myself and changes what I’ve let grow up out of me?
Your smile, charts contagious conformity – it masters my meddled over misery.
Your smile transforms my self-inflicted torment.
There must be something else happening for you – in you, rather.
You have a beautiful smile.
It is more than merely pretty because it’s not just seen, it is felt and
it connects with me. You are a life
changer. You alter my attitude without speech.
Your silence sets whatever is unsettled within me.
But I know that your smile is so strong because you’ve let what’s internal
carry the water of your external tears.
I know that you don’t always feel like smiling but I
smile because you do, so here’s a thank you.
You don’t know the influence of your silence and I don’t know
what I would do without it.
What you sacrifice, atones for my growing pains.
You see, I still have growing to do and while you may as well…
Your smile succeeds without a goal
because you’d never know
that it has saved me from myself.
Your smile is beautiful and I smile because of you.


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