Being Liked VS Being Love

Life is full of encounters that we tend to enjoy; however, there are some that leave us: rejected, not liked and feeling forgotten by all when there are really just a few. Since I’ve been engaged in both, I figured I should share the one that is teaching me more about myself than the other. Let’s talk about…

not fitting in and feeling forced to feel like the few, are all, when that is not the case. I chose to include the picture shown above because it captures the feeling of rejection while shaking the focus of it. The picture shows a group of “FIT IN”s and one who ashamedly “CAN’T FIT IN”. Not fitting in is hard because we all want to be ‘liked’…we all want to be accepted. However, sometimes, we can not fit in and the reason for that, matters.

Check out this scripture reference… I John 3;NRSV;NET

I’ve been hearing about the concept of ‘purpose’ for as long as I can remember – I grew up in church. I’m not sure if I was aware of mine until I was rejected by someone who I expected to include me. I think the concept of purpose has been complicated when it is really and rather simple. What’s mine, you ask? Well, it’s not extravagant at all. Besides, I’m just an ordinary person. My purpose is not being liked, it is, being love. It’s nice to be liked, but that’s not what I’m here for. I have not been given life to merely be liked.

Here’s the thing, we can’t fit in (well, put yourself in this group if it applies to your living) because we don’t have to in order to accomplish our purpose. In other words, being liked, is not necessary for us to be love/loving. I’m encouraged when I’m not liked because it catapults me into working in my purpose outside of my comfort zone. Is that difficult to agree with? Do you all understand? I make attempts at loving, loudly, sometimes. I’d like to think that the ‘quiet love’ attempts are more unnerving for me because loving after rejection is just, harder, since I’m human. Feelings and emotions tend to plague my pursuit of my purpose. I loose sight of it and my vision is blurred to simply desiring to being liked as oppose to being love.

Catch 22? A conundrum continuum? Can we live in cyclic patterns because of how we feel? Often, we do. Loving is ‘easy’ when you are loved…but when you are hated…the dynamic of the cycle changes. I’m excited that my purpose is being love because being liked is a different kind of difficult. Being liked is a pursuit that leaves us as the one who is ashamed in the picture above, whereas, being love doesn’t leave us alone – it pushes us to give beyond what we have gotten and strengthens us when we are weakened by the pursuit of the former. What’s your purpose? Does it help you transcend what’s popular?

As always – stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged! Be love and some will like you, and that’s good. There will also be those who don’t like you – love anyway.

“You don’t have to like me, for me to love you.” ~TrinityIzReal


One thought on “Being Liked VS Being Love

  1. This is so true. God said love thy neighbor…not like. When we learn, understand, and accept the true meaning of love…we will understand why this post is true. May God continue to bless you sis!!!

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