Can We Go On?

Can we move from here?

We can, but not until things change.

We can move on but we must address what’s here,


Society says…

Maybe, society, is the “they”

we always hear about.

You know, the “they said that you” or

“they told me that you”… I’ve been trying to figure out

who “they” were, ever since I’ve heard about them.

Anyways, I’ve concluded, it must be society.

This community of silence when you, well when we

are seen but

behind our backs, “they” talk.

They tell tales of freedom

when we have full knowledge

and bruised memories of their

treatment of us on our backs.

Society, it perceives us based on the pictures it paints

or on the moments it measures our inferiority by.

Society, with its low standards for what’s accepted

from us.

Society, the “they” that excludes the “them”,

yeah, that’s us. Can we go?

Have we progressed?

There is always, a here, that we haven’t been given the opportunity to move from.

Notice, I didn’t accept the diminishing of our ability or abilities

because of what “they” say or do or suggest to others who don’t know us


We can go, but something has to be done




Where are we?

Look at the news,

watch the reality shows,

listen to the language we’ve learned to utilize from being degraded for so long.

We can go on and we will

with mounting adversaries and obstacles but they haven’t stopped us before.

Our strength is being encouraged.

Can we go on?

We will go on because we can.

I know, because we have.

Let’s see if this will be mentioned

in the media. Let’s see

if overcoming and overachieving

is comparable to what they show without knowing…

that we are leaving


We can and we will




6 thoughts on “Can We Go On?

  1. Thanks so much for stopping through with such encouraging words. I really appreciate you taking the time out to read and comment. Keep writing and growing through it. Remain encouraged!

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