…Unfinished Business…

How do you feel when you discover that you have unfinished business? Seemingly, there is always something missing or (at least) something keeping you from finishing something else. I have some unfinished business that I need to tend to and I’m sure that I’ll feel differently when those things are completed.

Unfinished business…Things that require y(our) attention: things that need to be completed, things that need to be addressed, things that need to be handled because we openly invited them/it/that into our lives and when they arrived at the time and date specified, we were a ‘no-show’…we invite things without preparing for the arrival or we refuse to follow through with the plans we made to meet up with what we started. These things haunt us because we made ourselves responsible for them…and we have failed to complete the puzzle of unfinished business.

What have you put off? Who can you reconcile with? Where have you wanted to go but can’t because there is an obstacle you have yet to overcome in order to get there? Why not, find all these pieces (missing or not) and put this puzzle together? Otherwise, we are left with a mess; pieces (perhaps, of different puzzles) everywhere – all mixed together. This is dangerous because it breeds confusion and frustration and stress that is unnecessary and not fulfilling. Let us focus on one puzzle/problem/situation/issue at a time until we have left ‘no stone unturned’. Let us do what we say we want. No pretending. No avoiding. No denial of reality. We don’t need to face it…it’s already in our face…we’ve let it grow out of control…and now is the time to fill in what’s been missing by gathering all the pieces and putting them in their place. Yes, we can try to force things into a space, in which, it doesn’t fit but as long as we do that, we are adding to the unfinished business that we will have to revisit and tend to. Let’s not make it any harder on ourselves than it has to be…

Ready? Go get those pieces. You may have to find some of them or revisit the ones you know don’t fit where you initially put them (or learned didn’t fit along the way) and put them where they belong. There is an order to progress…

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!


7 thoughts on “…Unfinished Business…

  1. Yes sis!!! Our preference can definitely be out of order and that’s why order should come first! Get those pieces together! Thanks for the endless support. Stay encouraged!

  2. Danielle!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by, it’s so good to hear from you! Hoping that all is well with you. Keep doing what you are doing. God bless you while you work your way back. You’ve been missed!

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