Are You Happy, With You?

Are You Happy, With You?

You haven’t seen yourself unless you’ve looked.

Have you neglected your own notice?

Who have you become? Who you’ve always wanted to be?

Really, though?

Can you see me, stare at me,

while you pay attention to yourself, never?

You have changed. You don’t look like yourself,

well, who you were. Can you keep track of the changes

you’ve undergone? We must be looking at the same person

and seeing you, differently.

Are you, happy, with you?

Do you know who you are

from who you were before you lost love for yourself?

Look and see, you can smile again.

Study the feeling you have when you pay attention to you.

Get rid of what you don’t favor in your mirror…

so that you can see you clearly, happy.


2 thoughts on “Are You Happy, With You?

  1. Scientist believe that if you saw yourself walking by, theres is a strong chance you wouldn’t even recognize yourself. They say this because the reality is, you have never seen your own face, only reflections of your self from the surrounding world. “You haven’t seen yourself unless you’ve looked” i like that opening line bc we have to challenge to ourselves to sit down and recognize who we are….thanks for this post sis! God Bless!

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