…when support simmers down…

Happy New Year to you and yours! Expect, in this new year, what you are endeavoring in/to do. You tend to see, only, what you focus on…so look at what you have and decide what you want to do with it. Be grateful and know that better can be, if you do it.

There is always something that happens before things change. There is an expectation, usually, for things to continue as they have but some times this expectation is not fulfilled, and it may continue as such. I share this concept to suggest that, if you ever find yourself in a place where things change, you should consider remaining consistent. Here’s why…Do you remember why you did whatever it was that garnered support initially? You do!? Good, then why stop now? If you don’t remember the “why” of it all, perhaps, things needed to change for you to establish it-before continuing in uncertainty.

I believe support is given for a reason, but it isn’t always because what you are doing is great and can help others; well, not all together, there’s more. Some support others out of a service they can utilize. Maybe, this taking, isn’t even of advantage. Maybe, the someone can support another because said doing encompasses a benefit for all – not simply those being served but even those serving along side the initiator.

All of a sudden, whether there is a single or multiple streams of support coming in…something changes. You don’t know why. You don’t ask. You just identify a shift in support. What do you do when support simmers down from the steady rise of satisfaction? How do you deal with set backs that you don’t count on and have no control over sustaining until success is experienced?

No one likes your statuses on Facebook. You stop receiving comment moderation messages for your blog. You follow others on Instagram but you feel increasingly ignored. What do you do when others follow you on Twitter but they have no idea where you are going because you’ve stopped tweeting but it has seemingly gone unnoticed. Do you have a support system?

I’ve been reading this book about boundaries and I wonder about others’ support stability. Why are you supported? I think, more importantly than why, is to ask – how are you supported? Is it helping? Harming? Hindering your success?

This is the second day of the new year and I just wanted to get us thinking about what we are doing and setting ourselves up to do and to be mindful of the external things that may change that we have no control over. When support, from others, simmers down…keep doing what you’ve been doing; stay faithful. Whether it costs more or not, keep doing it – don’t get down on yourself. What you do, matters! It has sustained you, if it hasn’t…stop doing it. Know that you don’t have to be governed by what others do externally from you – you stay in order and in control of your life when your choices support your own well being. When you are at your best you are better able to offer support to your own endeavors and to others, if you so choose.

Consider yourself this year. If you happen to encounter the support, you once had, to be simmering down, consider adding something to yourself and know that you have enough to do it solo. Stay proactive, positive and prayerful!

As always: Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!


5 thoughts on “…when support simmers down…

  1. “When support, from others, simmers down…keep doing what you’ve been doing; stay faithful. Whether it costs more or not, keep doing it”

    Thank you…

    (Much Needed!)

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