Not Yet

They’ve covered your

naked accomplishments

in accolades. Bare,

and brittle. They’ve

found satisfaction

in your surviving,


You did what you were supposed to do.

Fulfillment isn’t found, there.

Here, in your, not yet,

you’ll sense satisfaction,

for you.

You are actually still searching,

accomplishments and all.

You haven’t arrived,

not yet.

They celebrate your coming to,

while, you anticipate your arrival.

You see more, in your journey, than you tell.

They instruct more, than they’ve learned.


find yourself

outside of the celebration.

Here, communicate what carries

your work to completion.

It is what makes you come


There, you exist, accomplished.

It is, here,

that you love your living.

Have you arrived?

Not yet.

Keep going.


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