Prepared for God’s Positioning

I just wanted to share these thoughts with you. Check out this link for the scripture referenced in this post:;MSG;RSV;NET

The “Feeding of the Five Thousand” is accounted for in all four of the Gospels of the New Testament of the Bible. As I read about the account found in John’s gospel, the other day while reading a devotional, I had to read it again. Honestly, I intended on rushing through the scripture because I ‘knew’ what it said but something caught my attention, that never had before. I had heard numerous sermons preached on this text and none of them emphasized what made me stop and wonder. Now, sure, I’ve heard so much about the little boy, within the text, and his willingness to offer Jesus his lunch for the well-being of the community and I heard about the sacrifice the little boy exhibited, in the giving up of all that he had because he was giving it to Jesus. That’s all wonderful, but it wasn’t what I wondered about.

I kept reading, “five barley loaves and two fish” slowly…and then it dawned on me, ‘Isn’t five barley loaves (alone; excluding the fish) a lot for a ‘little’ boy, for lunch, I thought. Five LOAVES…

While the telling of this is recorded in all of the four Gospels, John’s gospel tells it differently. This ‘boy’ is only found in John’s gospel. Interestingly enough, to me, John’s gospel also is the only gospel that excludes the time of day in which the account occurs. All of the others state that it was evening, or late. Hence, I guess it’s safe to assume (if it’s ever safe to assume) that all of the sermons that I’ve heard must be referencing John’s account, in order to claim that it was the boy’s lunch that Jesus used to feed the five thousand.

The placement of God isn’t always understood, even if it’s recognized. Jesus and his disciples are alone and are approached by a huge crowd of people. When it seems that hunger could cause an uproar, Jesus turns to the disciples to inquire about providing physical nourishment for those in the crowd. One of Jesus’s disciples, Andrew says (verse 9), “There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish. But what are they among so many people?” (New Revised Standard Version; NRSV) Out of the twelve disciples, Philip gives an answer that provides no solution and Andrew’s response suggests that he looked for a solution but what he saw/found wouldn’t suffice for the situation’s crowd. Andrew sees the boy, what he has and submits an answer and a doubt to Jesus, simultaneously; “‘…what are they among so many people?'” God prepared this boy for this position at that time.

Have you ever felt like you were carrying something/whatever you have, without purpose/use? You are already prepared – wait to be positioned, at the right time for God’s purpose. If it hasn’t happened yet, the time hasn’t come, yet. Keep trusting that you will be where you need to be, according to God’s plan for your life. Don’t give up because you haven’t arrived yet. It’s all according to God’s timing-trust it. Understand that you may not be the only one who feels this way, if you’ve felt this way. Here, Andrew acknowledges what the boy has but doubts the adequacy of it. What you’ve been given, is enough and will be needed at a particular time. There is substance, in, and significance to, what the Lord has provided – even and especially for you. Allow me to note this, here, contrary to told and shared belief, I don’t read anything about the boy making a sacrificial offer to Jesus or any communication between the disciples and Jesus with the boy. I believe, he was positioned at the right time for God’s purpose.

It is my hope that you all would be encouraged, where-ever you find yourself and in whatever time you find yourself in your life. Verse 6 says, “He said this to test him, for he himself knew what he was going to do.” God knows: what He has given you (how He has prepared you), when you are prepared and the timing needed to position you with what He prepared you with. Know that, regardless, of what others think, (or even what you think of yourself), God has a plan for you. God has prepared you and even if you find yourself in waiting to be positioned…hold on to the providence of God’s preparation.

As always – Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!


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