Lessons: I’m Still Learning

Although it isn’t completed yet, it will be completed…2014, that is [feel free to insert anything you’d like, in its place].

It’s been quite a year and I’m still learning. I’ve been thinking a great deal about accomplishments/achieving goals during this year, along with all the things that I still have yet to: do, say, meet, accomplish, get beyond, move through, be disciplined in, grow out of and into, etc. Ultimately, I’ve been thinking a lot more about myself. Here’s some of the lessons that I’m still learning, but were emphasized during 2014:

1. Intention, is just that. Without commitment and a discipline to do – nothing will get done/completed.

2. Prayer helps me, not, holds me hostage.

3. Growth isn’t a guarantee.

4. What I should do is what I can do with what I have, now.

5. Listening can be done without anyone speaking.

6. Asking for help means you want to change but you may not be ready to.

7. I’m far more critical of myself than I thought.

8. Some things must be developed before any initiation of other things can occur.

9. Things change and time keeps moving on; whether we/I do, or not.

10. I can’t force writing. I don’t have to be/have quiet to write, but I must be still.

11. I believe God even if/when I act on my feelings. Repentance is real.

12. If you have to beg for support, it isn’t support to begin with.

13. All of my mistakes, even those I’ve repeated, are necessary.

14. [Having] Mentors [is]/are a beautiful blessing.

15. Exposure is good for the empty/emptiness/emptying.

16. I can’t multi-task [I’ve known this for some time]. Every time I try, I fail. Thus, I need to be disciplined enough to focus on giving my attention to something until it is finished-in order to move on to something else, satisfied.

17. Smiling & tears are universal, we know what they mean when we see/feel them. I believe, commonality is the door to empathy.

18. There is always room for improvement.

19. Gratitude and its expression matters.

20. Social media is a good thing; even though it isn’t always used, for, or to be good.

21. My behavior usually cooperates with my beliefs [even & especially temporary ones].

22. My mind’s eye is clearer to understand when I’m in quietness.

23. I can choose to change; changing takes time.

24. I’m better than I was.

25. I’m on such a beautiful journey & I’m owning it all.

I hope this list of reflection encourages you to do the same and holds me accountable to what I’ve said I’ve learned, there will be tests, I’m sure of that. I’m excited to keep living and learning. I’m excited for what will be because of what has been. Better beliefs, better behavior & better days are ahead of me and I’m grateful.


As always – Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!



4 thoughts on “Lessons: I’m Still Learning

  1. This blog was highly spot on. I think we’re sometimes scared to face our own problems, but writing these out the way you did was very creative. You can’t have a writing lapse like that again lol. Thank you for writing this. Highly a legit way of getting things in life taken care of.

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