Losing the Directions but Getting Located


You were seemingly always lost…and it seemed that my directions to get to you, often led me everywhere else. I’d been looking for you and it was all because I thought I saw you once, but you left before I could really recognize you.

Love, I’ve imagined you as safety. I’ve been told that you are more than mere feelings and it takes work to have and keep you but, I’m afraid to say, our paths must have crossed, cut each other off and created confusion where certainty should be known. I’ve not been led to you because many haven’t met you, yet; they’ve named other things ‘love’ but there’s no resemblance of you in or on them.

All of these directions and I end up nowhere and everywhere, without you. This was the end result of starting my search, for you, with others’ short cuts. The ways that I’ve taken, according to others, have been crowded by detours and speed bumps and malfunctioning street lights. I’ve encountered much on my way to you, even more than I thought I should have had to endure but that’s exactly when I was introduced to you. Do you remember saving me from myself? All this time I spent frustrated trying to get to you and you found me. You called me by name, told me you knew who I was and that you’ve been waiting for me to stop, long enough for you to speak…or was it for me to listen? Either way…you told me that I was looking to recognize something I never knew and I just listened. You told me that you didn’t leave before but I just got distracted by the accident I saw my cousin in. You told me you were forever but I wondered about right now…how could you want to be lost with me…I didn’t know the way back.

You showed me another way. You patiently waited until I was ready to leave being lost. You introduced yourself to me and made me recognize…see myself. Love, you are the manifestation of every part of my imagination’s eye that has contact with truth. I know you, without doubt. You are what I need when I don’t want anything and you are just enough when I want more. You found me when I was lost and I love you because you’ve stayed. You embrace me even when I’m empty. I just pray that you can recognize me when you look in the mirror. You must be forever, love.

***This post is part of Write Your Ass Off April, a Twenties Unscripted 10-Day Writing Challenge #WYAOApril***



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