*My Quotes*

“I’m convinced that if you give your all, you’ve left nothing undone.” ~DMM

“There’s something about the triumph in the telling of your testimony. What’s yours?” ~DMM

“God didn’t keep me here to leave it the same way it was when I got here, on Earth. Living to be and make a positive difference, I’m trying.” –DMM

‎ “As long as God gets the glory, I’ll be satisfied.” ~DMM

‎”I had it, well I thought I had it and then I lost it.”… Have you ever searched for something you never had? Where did you find what you were looking for? I found it all in JESUS! -DMM

I need to be transparent/real TODAY!!! I woke up today with a new attitude because God is just GOOD! I declare that, for me, it’s time for a turn-around!!! Things are reversed–my first three years of high-school, I did well academically and barely made it my senior year…. However, in undergrad, my first three years I did horribly my first three years but for my senior year, I WILL have a turn-around spirit. You know it’s true…I’m not graduating on time and some of my friends laugh and say “Nita, you on that 5 year plan?” YES I AM…and I’ve learned so much during this time. I learned about failure and mistakes and God’s favor!!! God told me, “I didn’t leave you here/there to die there!” *I love how preachers call the roll…y’all don’t understand what my story is about…Let me help you–Come here Joseph!!! I’m so GRATEFUL that turn around is possible! I see failure in a new light and understand, like the enemy, that when you fail, you gotta keep trying!!! The bible says that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10)… Anybody see that the objectives of the enemy/thief/devil and that of Christ are different?? Whatever you are seeking to accomplish, stay focused! The objective of the enemy is three-fold (steal, kill and destroy) but Christ’s is a singular effort to give us life more abundantly. effort to give us life more abundantly. I’m so glad that I serve a faithful Savior and Lord that finishes what He begins. I’m so excited that I can look back and see everytime that the enemy failed at his objective in my life-it’s because I’ve been given life!!! I pray that you all live out the abundance that Christ came to give. Maybe it’s time for you to operate in turn-around, too I’m so glad that I serve a faithful Savior and Lord that finishes what He begins. I’m so excited that I can look back and see every time that the enemy failed at his objective in my life-it’s because I’ve been given life!!! I pray that you all live out the abundance that Christ came to give. Maybe it’s time for you to operate in turn-around, too!!! You can with life, with Christ…You too can change!!! Praise Him for objectives. ~DMM

my prayer is changing from, “Lord, I don’t like feeling uncomfortable…please don’t make me do this” to, “Lord, please make me comfortable in the places where you would have me be/go; I want to go forth in confidence and not cowardice. Come with me…I pray…” ~DMM

 “I want to help you heal but I am only hurt to you…you were blinded by the tears that fell from your eyes and your heart hurts from the tears that formulate the foundation of your fear to truly be loved…but I want to dry your tears and not wipe them away… Not wipe them away, because you deserve to cry…release…and I want you to remember what was so that you can smile at what difference feels like. I love you and I hope that one day you will let me.” ~DMM

Only God impresses me. He keeps showing up showing out…Praise Him while you have time!!! “Thank You Lord! ~DMM

 I want to be loved like Claire Huxtable… ~DMM

Filling your life with things just because you have the space? Be careful of what you accumulate. Make room for what has yet to come to you & learn to appreciate what you HAVE to store away or perhaps display. Let’s get things in order. Priority driven? Purpose driven? Space driven? Live knowing that you accept what you keep &/or discard. God bless & keep you with all of your stuff. Time for inventory. Stay ENCOURAGED! ~DMM

 “Give, Gain, Grow” ~ DMM

What if what you swallow doesn’t satisfy you? I’m in pursuit of purpose & passion. May all that I do, be pleasing and give glory to the One…”What shall I return to the Lord for all his bounty to me?” ~Psalm 116: 12 (NRSV); God, thank you for accepting what little I have to give to you. I pray that my little will do much for the up building of your kingdom. As long as YOU are with me, I’ll stay satisfied! If you want to know about that which satisfies me in ALL things…I’ll offer it to you. Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged! ~DMM

He saw the best IN me, when all I could see was the worst in me. Thank you Lord. My prayer is to see with your vision. Help me to live how you see that I can-with you, because without you I AM NOTHING. With all that I am & all that I’m not. I worship YOU for who you are. Thank You!” ~DMM

I’ve heard many say that having enemies is a good thing-it means that you are doing something right and that you’ve stood up for something. Well, I may be throwing myself into some uncomfortable territory BUT… To Whom It May Concern, enemies, make yourselves known. Just come at me knowing, the power that God has given…I know you can’t see it but maybe you can feel the sign that’s present: Beware ~ “for God did not give [me] a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.” -2 Timothy 1:7 (NRSV) “I’m walking in P.O.W.E.R!” ~DMM

A while ago I would ask God to send someone…not so much because I want to be in a relationship but I just want to know how it feels…God said-If you would stop wanting what can’t satisfy you…God said just as much as you want to feel wanted and needed and accepted… God said-I want what you want and I’ve been here waiting…You must have missed these past 21 years…Remember when I….I’ll give you more than what you want because what you want can’t…I’ll provide what you need and yet…*Check out: Matthew 6:33; Psalm 40:1 & Ephesians 3:20…Be blessed & follow after HIM like you want to be followed after… ~DMM

God wants more…Surrender… ~DMM 

‎Maybe one day I will care about make-up or you, but today is not that day. I wish you and make-up understood that I don’t need to impress either of you by covering up who I am to be accepted. I am only available ~ flaws & all. ~DMM

I have been a witness of ugly and have been surrounded by what is beautiful but I’ve yet to know you…you are beautiful regardless, my love. ~DMM

‎”Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet unborn may praise the Lord: that he looked down from his holy height, from heaven the Lord looked at the earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners, to set free those who were doomed to die; so that the name of the Lord may be declared in Zion, and his praise in Jerusalem, when peoples gather together, and kingdoms, to worship the Lord.” ~ Psalm 102:18-22 *NRSV [The Lord looked and heard…He understands better than we can articulate. Let’s try to keep in a place where God would desire to see us. Remember that God is worthy to be praised even when we hurt because we are no longer doomed to die…God still looks and hears.] ~DMM

‎I don’t want to be a pendant of your possessions – what you have…I want to be the promise of your produce – what you create. ~DMM

I don’t know…even then I worship! ~DMM

He keeps doing a NEW thing with an OLD thing… I count it all joy! ~DMM

 If I was going to do it your way it would already be done but because this has to be done my way…you have yet to move beyond where you’ve been. What are you waiting for/on? I’m waiting on you to move. –God [~DMM]

 I just want to please God. ~DMM

I don’t have the ability to…but I have the capacity to be used by God. ~DMM

Watch my life speak for me… ~DMM

Capitalism is over-rated because citizens of the land of the free are bound in lack. –DMM

Sometimes God is silent because He wants us to seek after/anticipate communion with Him. He wants to make sure we are attentive and listening to that which He will speak to us, for us, through us and in spite of us. God, thus-I’m listening… ~DMM

“‘You abandon the commandment of God and hold to human tradition.'” ~ Mark 7:8 (NRSV); I wonder if this could be applied to the church that has evicted the presence, parables & presence of God for the tenant of politics…Church, I think it’s time to hand out another eviction notice…'” ~DMM

 I looked for God in church and found politics. ~DMM

 A call to speak when others cling to silence…Bold for the broken & bound, Courageous for the criticized & convicted and Covered to carry the gospel of the cross…We bear it as believers of the body of Christ Jesus! ~DMM


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