#ProcessingPurpose: Darell Houseton


  1. Do you believe you choose or claim/acknowledge your purpose? Is there a difference?
  2. What legacy are you actively living and hope to leave when you’ve finished living?
  3. Would you rather do anything else, besides your purpose, because it pays more? Why or why not?
  4. What excites you about living?
  5. Do you have any regrets? Can you forgive yourself, if you do?

Purpose is a daunting word. The concept of it can seem almost out of reach. Understanding it can appear as hopeless as why my wife buys new clothes when she has clothes with the tag on it in her closet! That’s a blog for a different series, #ProcessingPayments.

When it comes to having a purpose I think we can often times confuse it with having a goal. What do I mean by that? We ‘have’ (set) goals. We ‘have’ (discover) our purpose. In 2 Samuel 7, David makes it known that he wants to build a temple for the Lord. It’s his own personal GOAL. However, the Lord is clear in that He has set this PURPOSE, for someone else, his son. Essentially, I believe, the difference between the two words are the entities that set them in motion. Let’s turn to Moses for clarification. In his life, Moses ran from the Lord. He left Egypt, he started another life and even took on a new family. He accomplished what he set out to do and that was to flee Egypt and his past. God had a different purpose for Moses. We see that even as Moses accomplished what he wanted, it could not alter the purpose God had for him. Men and women set goals, the Lord sets our Purpose. “For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord (Jeremiah 29:11).

The accomplishment of both our goals and the purposes God has for us determine the life we live and ultimately the legacy we leave. I’ve been fortunate that my goals and the purpose of my life have not only crossed paths but are intertwined. I hope my legacy reflects the transformative power of God. My goals are to change the world, but my purpose is to change lives. I hope when I am no longer of this Earth that my family and those who know me can say that Darell Houseton did all he could to respond to his calling and gave his heart to God and his hand to man.

I would never want to do anything apart from my purpose because it would be as unfulfilling accomplishments. I’m excited that every day of my life I get a legitimate shot at changing the world. Perhaps I won’t see it into fruition, but the knowledge of planting global revolutionary seeds is thrilling! Because of this, I don’t have any regrets. Rather, this possibility affords me the opportunity not to recognize my failings as regrets. It’s cliché to say that, “My mistakes made who I am.” Yet it’s true and more than that, they can help someone become who they are meant to be. In other words, even for those whom I am not a role model, perhaps I can be a cautionary tale. I forgive myself for them because of the good they may serve for someone else. My purpose in life is to help people, even my mistakes can do that!

Interviewee: Darell Houseton

Connect with Darell:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dhouseton

Website: http://www.myfittemple.com/


#ProcessingPurpose: Antoinette Thomas


1. How do you define purpose? What’s yours?

I believe purpose is given from God and involves serving Him or directly helping people in a consistent way. I believe my purpose is encouraging others through my writing.

 2. What advice would you give to someone who can’t clearly identify their purpose?

I believe I would tell them to be patient and don’t give up. Continue to pray about it and seek discernment. Sometimes the answers we seek are in the simplest forms that we may overlook.

3. Are you happy, with you?

I struggle with being happy with myself. I always strive to be better in all areas of my life and sometimes regret my decisions.

4. Is support necessary to living in purpose?

Yes, I believe support is very needed…to give and receive. Each one, teach one.

5. What’s your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is for my child(ren) to grow up and not have a strong relationship with God, know Him, serve Him, truly love God, themselves, and others, and allow Him to direct his (their) life/lives.

Describe your process to discovering purpose.

My purpose was discovered through my pain. As a child, I experienced many unfortunate and fearful situations that propelled me to journal write prayers and write poetry. At the age of 11 it became my purpose and in school, I excelled mostly in writing so I believe that is what God has instilled in me to help others overcome their struggles, too.

Interviewee: Antoinette Thomas

Connect with Antoinette:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DymonExpression

#ProcessingPurpose: Bella Grace


  1. When did you first believe in yourself? Do you still do?

I believed in myself when I was younger from the time I knew myself until the age of 7 or 8 (right before I went to the third grade). Once I changed schools and met other children, I lost sight of who I was in the crowd. However, recently, I have been in a process and progressive state of believing in myself the way I used to when I was a child.

  1. How do you define purpose? What’s yours?

I define purpose as taking the thing that was intended to destroy you, tear you down, and/or kill you and help others to not go through the same thing by sharing with them your story and teaching them the lesson. My purpose is to help single mothers find their strength and reclaim their power.

  1. Is it difficult to do what you do?

I have learned that it isn’t difficult to do what I do when I stay focused and continue to do the work of what I need to do. The moment you take your eyes off your own paper, the moment it becomes hard.

  1. Is there a difference between your dream(s) and your passion(s)?

I believe there is no difference between your dreams and your passion. I believe that your dreams spark your passion; that burning desire within you that when left undone, it will make you feel unaccomplished. I believe God gives us the dream and over time it matures not our passion.

  1. What legacy are you living already that you want to leave after you’ve finished living?

I’m living the legacy of my family’s resiliency. No matter what came against them, they still continued to pursue the life they wanted to live. I want to pass that same resilient characteristic to my children and my children’s children.

Describe your process to discovering purpose.

Well, as a child I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. However, I limited my thoughts to believe I could only teach in an educational school setting or childcare center. In 2006 I was given a mission to teach the world that it’s not about us through my ministry, Walking On Water Ministries International. I began working with shelters and domestic violence victims after becoming a victim myself in 2002 when I was stabbed thirteen times and pronounced dead on arrival. Yet, I kept playing small teaching only children. It wasn’t until recently, I had to sit down and speak to people and write books that will empower other women that are like me. And so I continue on…

Interviewee: Bella Grace

“Bella Grace

CEO and Founder of Dynamic New You Coaching and Consulting Services and WOW (Walking On Water Ministries International)

Bella Grace is a survivor of not only domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape; she is also a survivor of death. On September 14, 2002, Bella was stabbed 13 times to her left chest, three times to the back of her neck, and suffered many defensive wounds as her then ex-boyfriend fatally stabbed her in front of their two children in her mother’s kitchen. Bella suffered a collapsed lung, spinal damage, and severe nerve damage. However, after being listed as dead on arrival, Bella Grace miraculously lived to tell her story.

Since then, Bella Grace has moved on to teach women the importance of knowing who they are before engaging in relationships outside of yourself. She has been interviewed by magazines and radio stations. She is the founder of the Bella Grace Academy and Building Stronger Families Network which is her way to give back to her community and to help the next generation to be who they were created to be. In 2009, she became an author with the goal to teach the world through her experiences that your situation does not define it helps narrate your story. In 2013, She founded Dynamic New You Coaching and Consulting Services. As a life coach, Bella Grace’s gift is to empower, encourage, and educate the women she meets with to embrace whom they are by walking out their situations by way of communication.

Bella Grace is more than just a survivor and an author, she is also a mother to not only her children, but to everyone that she meets along her journey. Her ministry, Walking On Water Ministries allows her to teach the world that it is not about them through her actions, not just her words. She has often been defined as a rising phoenix, because of her ability to rise above the very things that were set to make her fall. With such a resilient spirit and beautiful smile, your heart and mind will automatically open up to the heart and mind of Bella Grace. 

Connect with Bella Grace:  

For booking: dynamicnewyou@gmail.com.

Blog: www.dynamicnewyou.wordpress.com

Blog: www.buildingstrongerfammiliesnetwork.wordpress.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dynamicnewyou

Twitter: www.twitter.com/dynamicnewyou

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Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCW4nviQA2LMQgOLAhG-dMnw

All proceeds will go towards the establishment of a domestic violence transitional safe home for abused women that are ready for a fresh start. Stay tuned for upcoming events, books, cds, and other products that will be sure to encourage as well as inspire you to fulfill your purpose and turn your dream into a reality.

BEcome. BElieve. BE.”


2I’ve always wanted to interview people because I think sharing our stories always bears lessons to be learned. I wanted others to know that the journey to arriving to a place of fulfillment isn’t nearly just inclusive of, “I did what was right” – there are changes and turns and detours, involved. I want this series to enlighten, encourage & empower others to keep walking the labyrinth of learning the lessons of life – don’t go back, there’s one way out and that’s, by way of, going through.

I’m excited to share these interviews with you. Feel free to engage with the interviewees and if you’re willing to share your story/process about your search and finding purpose – email me: dmm3289@aol.com (subject line: #ProcessingPurpose) and I’ll definitely be in touch to interview you.

As always – stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!

I Was A Featured Guest Writer: Women In Waiting

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I just wanted to share my post that was featured in Twenties Unscripted Guest Writers Week last month! I’m grateful for Tyece Wilkin’s willingness to include this with all the other writers of her Guest Writers Week. You can check that blog post out; I hope you’re encouraged if you decide to! Stay blessed, a blessing & encouraged!




Don’t Let Shame Shatter You

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10 New Revised Standard Version; NRSV)

Whether you are a Christian or not, don’t let shame shatter you. The scripture above is one that encourages all of us to live in opposition to having our all stifled, stolen, sabotaged, silenced, etc. We are admonished, therein, to live in abundance. What happens; however, when we mess up things for ourselves? What becomes of the possibility of abundance when we make decisions and choose options that lead us in spaces of shame, failure, frustration, lack & loss? We are often overwhelmed by feelings of self-pity, fear, doubt and become accepting of our own excuses that keep us from the abundance that awaits us.

I’ve made several mistakes and I’ve failed a lot but I haven’t let the shame of those experiences shatter my sense of succeeding beyond them. I had to pray and/to forgive myself. I’ve cried and condemned myself to staying stuck in a mindset of waste because I grew weary in repeating what kept me from abundance. I changed this by acknowledging that abundance is still possible for me. Do know that shame has a shadow, you can move from it and have it be behind you. Don’t live oppose to your ideal life because of what has happened when your ideal life is before you. Don’t give up on yourself or what you have to offer – give anyway. Grow from it, regardless of what once stunted it. Be all of you, not just what burdens you. You have strength to get up from failure and destiny to propel you from doubt. Live in abundance because it’s available. Trust in the possibility that you can produce better and prosper. Don’t let shame shatter you, survive it. Don’t forfeit arriving in abundance.

Write down all that is in opposition to living in abundance, in your life and how you can live beyond it. Don’t let lack consume you – produce more. I decided that shame doesn’t satisfy me and that’s what I’m after in living in abundance. What are you after? What will satisfy you, daily? Live in that space. It’s still possible for you. Believe and be.

My latest book of Poetry has been released!!!

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I just wanted to drop in and let you know that my latest book of poetry is available for purchase now! This second book is written to celebrate and encourage the commonality before us all – humanity! I hope you’ll enjoy it!


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